Freelance Website Programmer & Windows Programmer

Location:Bangalore, Karnataka, India
2 Skills
I’m excited by the possibility of part of hope this brief account of my experience intrigues you. I can imagine the many challenges you face that could benefit from my diverse background, as well as my vision for lifelong learning and guiding individuals through change. Here’s how I could contribute:
I possess a unique combination of teaching, management, marketing, and consulting experience that qualifies me extremely well. I am convinced that my distinctive background would equip me with a significant advantage in this position because it has provided me with classroom teaching experience, consultative experience, and program/project-management experience, all of which are essential in this position. I’ve also demonstrated creative thinking skills that lend themselves to innovative program development and implementation. That skillet includes the ability to see the big picture and think “outside the box,” as well as teach, mentor, coach, and counsel individuals and groups in dealing with life’s transitions.
I am highly motivated and committed to making it my life’s work to facilitate constructive change in people’s lives. A particular strength of mine is establishing rapport. I am then adept at motivating people to overcome their personal obstacles. I would like to personally help people set goals and cope with change.
I have successfully built organizations from the start-up phase — all as part of my focus to foster positive change. I offer the unique combination of teamwork skills that enhance organizational cohesiveness, strategic planning skills that ensure successful programs and people-oriented guidance that yields productivity and high morale.
I would like to arrange an interview to discuss the contribution I can make in your organization. I appreciate your time and consideration and will contact you to discuss this opportunity in the near future.

Sreejith G Nair