Kyndal Bowers

Freelance Admin Support Freelancer & Personal Assistant

Location:Longview, Washington, United States
2 Skills
I have been working in the administrative support field for 12 years. During that time, I have worked in a variety of industries including law firms, environmental health and safety, and construction. Administrative support is where I thrive. I enjoy being helpful wherever I can. I have experience in all aspects of business management and administration, including but not limited to: payroll processing, transcription, social media management, website building and updating, internal equipment billing, human resources, license and permitting, bank reconciliation, data and file management, travel planning and coordination, correspondence draft and proofreading, benefits management, project management, recruiting, accounts payable, journal entries, subcontractor coordination and event planning.

However, where I really shine is process analysis and improvements. My ability to look at a problem or process on a “big picture” scale and find ways to streamline or improve processes has been highly valued by employers.

I am comfortable and successful working in a virtual environment. For approximately a year and a half, I worked as a Coordinator for TekSystems in a 100% work-from-home situation. Clear and constant communication was an absolute must to ensure not only my success in this role, but my manager’s sanity as well. We utilized instant messenger, conference calls and emails as communication solutions. In every role I’ve ever had, even in a formal office setting, one thing I’ve found to be very useful for my managers was to send “daily wrap-up” emails summarizing the tasks I completed for the day, status of items still in process and what my priorities for the next day will be. Supervisors have relied on this simple routine as it negates their need to follow up with me and wonder where things are at. Managers have complimented my habit of “closing the loop” by notifying them when an assigned task is completed.