Esa Makela

Freelance Video Editor & Videographer

Location:Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia
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Name: Mr Esa MAKELA
Nationality Australian

Telephone No: Email 0490 466 720 (m)

Special: Exhibition-International Youth Year Grant 1984
Grant: Black and White Photographic & film processing

Award: MAPDA AWARD in multimedia in 2010 – “a proud tradition” Camera operator and video editor View video at:

Tertiary Education:

Trained in operating TriCaster studio hardware and its live AV production software interface - (2015)
Certificate in Premiere Pro CS6 video editing and mastering - (2013)
Master class in HDV and DV cinematography recognised by the Australian Cinematography Association CPE, Canberra (2006)
Diploma in Multimedia and IT Integration Australian National University, Canberra (2002-2003) Electronics Certificate Canberra Institute of Technology, Bruce Campus (1997)
Certificate in Audio Visual – Video TAFE, Reid Campus (1989)
Drama 1 & 2 TAFE, Reid Campus (1986)
Painting 1 & 2 Canberra School of Art (1980)


Extensive Multimedia/Audiovisual Expertise (Australian War Memorial, Australian National University, New Parliament House)
Studio or ENG camera operator. 4K and 2K DNG RAW, AVCHD. XDCAM EX. HDV, DV and SP Betacam
including lighting (black screen or green screen ) and sound re-enforcement
Demonstrated working knowledge of Audio Visual software (PC based PPCS6 & Encore, Episode Pro, AVS Video Convertor, OpenCube and WaveLab MAC based FCP 5,6 and 7, DVD Studio Pro
Video editing - linear AMX controlling Digital Betacam and analogue video tape machines adhering to SMPTE standards to non-linear MAC and PC based operations with a total of 12 years experience and over 20 video material entered into the Australian War Memorial’s National Collection, I’ve filmed and edited an award winning Memorial corporate video in 2010. Another production I completed on time is on display at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image Exhibition "Modern Warfare: Today's Diggers" The video is titled: Curating from Afghanistan: Collecting in Action Program, February 2011. I am credited as the producer and editor for this work

Transcode film & video ie moving image items as required by professional productions i.e. TV news, documentary to indie film makers as required,

• Authoring major Memorial’s productions to minor works to DVD and Blu Ray for public distribution or transcoding audio visual material in support for public presentation and for AWM Esales

Video Edited production for curators in SD and HD of the AWM Youtube channel

• My first web video was produced in 1998, ANU

• Applying technical skills using SMPTE and archiving practices to both born digital and obsolete analogue video formats

• Wide range of video formats listed below that I have preserved and created digital master versions for:
1. Analogue: SP Betacam 1 Inch reels, U Matic (high/low), 1/2 “open reel, through to amateur formats
2. Digital tape based: HDCAM - SR / HDV, DVCPro HD / BluRay / Digital Betacam,/ DVCPRO 25 & 50 / DVCAM /
MiniDV / DVD.
3. Born digital tapeless: 4K / 2K / DNG raw / JPEG2000 / PRORES,/ XDCAM EX / AVCHD / IMX / MTS / V210 codecs with DPX / MOV / AVI or MXF wrappers and a multiple of web based formats

• Digital video format analysing looking at software and platform used PC or MAC based and the codec used / wrapper / the resolution / compression lossy or lossless / Bit rate / bit depth / colour sampling pattern progressive or interlaced and if MPEG looking at the GOP the number of intra or inter frame using true native formatting versus image quality via signal to noise visible impairment when transferring formats using native cabling composite, Y/C, IEEE , component, RGB or SDI ables, Screen ratio 4:3 or 16:9, Digital resolution or analogue MHz Bandwidth sum of Horizontal Lines, Using Wave form and Vector scope when testing colour and if needed adding PAL 75% colour bars and 1K audio tone, Monitoring and audio level correction with either analogue and digital metering. Restoration of audio, - signal to noise via gain and noise reduction tools

• Researched and created support documentation for modern film scanners looking at the difference between CCD or CMOS sensors (This project included budget availability verses the equipments ability to capture and interpret true colour transfer in bit depth and image resolution.

• Uploading all the AV derivatives created from the original, the digital preservation, production masters and access version to mass storage. This work requires a very strong understanding of video codec structure to a multitude of video formats above

• Inclusively I provided all the technical and hands-on practical skills to test and develop the MXF OPla master standards used by the Memorial. NOTE: The AWM digital achieve program started in 2005

• Manage and operate the AWM’s 190 seat high tech multimedia theatre: Video conferencing, LCD data projection systems x 3, PC setup, Multi 35mm Slide projection, 7 x cable mics, 6 x radio control mics, 3 x video camera live mixed recording & audio recording, DVD and pro 35mm cinema and 16mm film projection

• Troubleshoot Audio Visual equipment and software obsolescence for audio visual users
• Film preparation for labs- repairs, 35mm, 16mm, to 8mm
• Film transfer - Telecine
• Film projection 35mm to 8mm
• Film care/handling and transportation
• Film recognition and preservation standards
• Format/FPS = running time/physical description
• Acetate film testing for Vinegar Syndrome
• Trained in film principals by Atlab Sydney: splicing, headers & tails, bench top B&W film grading

Interpersonal and Communication Ability (all positions)

Interact with management and staff at all levels Liaise with contractors and supervisors
Procure services required to maintain or renew video studio and discuss video suite needs and improvements Communicate via email, fax and phone with staff, stakeholders, contractors, VIP persons and the general public

Advanced office computer skills (all positions)

• Stock orders & quotes
• Finance orders and payments
• Report writing
• PowerPoint or web based delivery
• Data entry-enter video specs to AWM data base
• PC multimedia application PPCS6 suite including Encore DVD and BluRay authoring and Episode pro 6
• Mac FCP studio and Episode pro 5
• Trans-coding video to all your audio video needs

Camera operations (Australian War Memorial, Parliament house & Dept. Social Security)

• Camera operator formats I've worked with:
4K, 2K Cinema DNG (RAW) to HD in XDCAM EX, HDV, and SD in DVCAM and SP Betacam,

• Filmed, AWM advertisement and National Collection interviews and events
• ENG and studio camera operation
• Filmed and produced ANU Web based video lectures in 1998
• Services provided – produced ANU video productions
• AWM video Conferencing live studio 3x camera mixing
• Produced award winning corporate video
• Parliament House live studio 3 x camera mixing


Independent filmmaker (2015 to current)

Script and digital story board development, Directing actors on shoot, including camera operator 4K and 2K 12-bit Adobe Cinema DNG (RAW) steady camera operator, lighting and audio re-enforcement live shoot, studio video and audio interviews

Australian War Memorial (1999 to 2015)

I was employed as the (APS 4) moving image preservation officer with the Australian War Memorial, exercising an extensive and diverse range of technical skills in the maintenance, restoration and preservation of tape and born digital video and film based material.
I was also employed by the Australian War Memorial as the Acting Theatre Manager (APS 6). In my capacity as Conferencing Manager, I operate the theatres' multimedia equipment in a live environment, which entail numerous tasks, including LCD data x 3 for video conferencing and data display, with multi camera mixing and recording including audio inclusive or by itself (in analog or digital formats ), collection or web delivery for VIP client’s .
I also worked and trained staff to operate the Multimedia sections TriCaster live multi camera tapeless Chroma-key studios hardware and associated software for live interviews and AV production, this included setting up cameras, green screen and subject light conditions, sound recording levels, live titling and introducing PC based 3D or 2D images as needed
I was also called upon by the AWM’s Gallery Development audio visual team to work as their after-hours operator to run the Memorial’s audiovisual display for functions.
In each of my positions with the AWM, I have demonstrated an ability to work both independently and as part of a cohesive team. I have also assumed responsibility for quality control and have effectively interacted with all strata of management, staff, stakeholders, VIP guests and the general public.

Australian National University (1998-1999)

As Manager of A/V Hire and Conference Service,(ANU3) during my time there I produced videos, audio productions and recorded lectures throughout the ANU campus daily. As an example: I produced video lecture for an international conference, the conferences videos came from all over the world and was streamed over the Internet. Note this video was made in 1998. I received good acclaim for this video production job as this was the early day for video to be on the internet. I also demonstrated AV from lecturers to senior professors and assisted ANU Art students to adapt AV into their art work. I also worked as the tech-operator for the ANU conference theatres such as the Manning Clarke Centre and lecture theatres through out the campus. I produced the first web video for the World Wide Web in 1998

New Parliament House (1994-1997)

I was employed at Parliament House (SAVO3), as a senior camera operator and also set up video equipment for Senate Committees. As a senior camera operator, I manually operated SP video cameras and was called upon to operate the remote 3 camera control touch screen visual mixer systems.

Department of Social Security 1993

Studio Camera Operator with the DSS Channel 1 program

List of Audiovisual collection items which I have filmed, edited or audio recorded from 1999 to 2014 (Please note some of this material is under the secrets act and not available to the public in 2013)

• F04890 - Brigadier P J Greville CBE (Rtd) as Officer Commanding Assault Pioneer Platoon 1st Battalion The Royal Australian Regiment (1 RAR) and a prisoner of war, Korea 1952-1953, interviewed by Colonel D A Chinn MBE (Rtd)
[Film] A video interview with Brigadier P J Greville CBE conducted at the Australian War Memorial. Brigadier Greville speaks of his service background and experience, as well as training; the role of the Assault Pioneer Platoon in Korea during his period of...
• F08176 - Luke Carroll, UNMO/ASST GPS Officer, UNIIMOG in Iraq, interviewed by Ian Hodges 4 October 2005.
This collection item is not visible to the public.
• F08177 - Delia Quigley, Instructor with the Jordan International Police Training Centre in Jordan and as International Police Monitor in Haiti, interviewed by Ian Hodges 7 October 2005.
This collection item is not visible to the public.
• F08182 - Mark Desmond Hauber as Captain, United Nations Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan (UNMOGIP), Kashmir, interviewed by Brad Manera
This collection item is not visible to the public.
• F08183 - Ian Gollings as Lieutenant of 3RAR, AATTV and SASR, Malaya, Vietnam and Borneo interviewed by Brad Manera
This collection item is not visible to the public.
• F08184 - Darryl "Doc" John Brain as Corporal, 4 Cavalry Regiment, Rhodesia, interviewed by Ian Hodges
This collection item is not visible to the public.
• F08185 - Kristy Davies as Lieutenant Captain, Nursing Officer, 2 Field and I Field Hospital, Bougainville and East Timor, interviewed by Ian Hodges
This collection item is not visible to the public.
• F08231 - Fire Support Base Coral oral histories, camera two
[Film] Filmed interviews with various member of Fire Support Base Coral, Vietnam, May 1968. Interviewees include: Ray Curtis (ret'd Major and former Sgt, 10 Platoon, D Coy 1 RAR); Ian 'Scrubber' Ahearn (ret'd Brigadier, GPO 102 Field Battery); Tony 'Alf...
• F08752 - HMAS Parramatta returns from the Middle East Area of Operations (MEAO) to Fleet Base East, Garden Island
[Film] Coverage of the welcome home ceremony and return of HMAS Parramatta from deployment to Middle East Area of Operations (MEAO), Fleet Base East, Garden Island, Sydney.
This collection item is not visible to the public.
• F08767 - Private Tristan Collett as a Machine Gunner, 1 Company, 1st Commando Regiment, Afghanistan, November 2008-March 2009 interviewed by Garth O'Connell
[Film] Filmed oral history interview conducted with Tristan Collett. This collection item is not visible to the public.
• F08898 - Caribou AWM Flyover 27 November 2009
[Film] Footage of newly aquired Caribou flying over the AWM upon handover from RAAF. This collection item is not visible to the public.

• F09159 - Collecting in action, Middle East Area Operations, February 2011
This collection item is not visible to the public.
• PAFU0511.001 - Restoration of the Memorial's Albatros D.Va Scout aircraft, Tape 4. Camera 2
This collection item is not visible to the public.
• PAFU0617 - A Proud Tradition
[Film] Introducing the National Collection of the Australian War Memorial. This video won the MAPDA 2010 highly recommended award.
This collection item is not visible to the public.
• PAFU0631 - Sandakan Conversation at the Canberra Services Club
[Film] A public event hosted by the National Sandakan Families organisation at Canberra Servicemens' Club, Manuka, Canberra ACT. The discussions revolved around tributes to and recollections of time spent and people interred at Sandakan. Speakers were...
This collection item is not visible to the public.
• PAFU0633 - Film & Sound at the Australian War Memorial
[Film] The work and collections of the film and sound section, Australian War Memorial, Canberra. This collection item is not visible to the public.
• PASU0180 - Guest speaker, Major General Steve Gower AO, Director, Australian War Memorial, speaking at a Australian Marketing Institute function at the Memorial
This collection item is not visible to the public.
• PASU0182 - Ford Maddox Ford and the world and times of Stella Bowen / Emeritus Professor Joseph Wiesenfarth
[Sound] Guest lecture given by Professor Wiesenfarth in the Telstra Theatre at the Australian War Memorial. This collection item is not visible to the public.
• PASU0242 - Steel, Nigel Musselwhite
[Sound] Nigel Musselwhite Steel as the Chief Historian, Imperial War Museum, London, talks about the Gallipoli Campaign in Turkey, 1915-1916. Nigel Steel was on temporary exchange with the Australian War Memorial at the time of his talk.
This collection item is not visible to the public.
• PASU0248 - "The Great War" - A Remembrance Day presentation by author Les Carlyon. [Sound] "The Great War" - A Remembrance Day presentation by
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