Tia Myricks

Freelance Creative Writer & Screenwriter

Location:Mountain View, California, United States
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Regarded as an exceptional up-and-coming raw talent, with the innate ability to produce compelling content to exact specification, Tia Myricks is an untapped fountain of creativity on the verge of a major breakout success. With conceptual ideas ranging from consumer products to business solutions, Tia is a remarkably gifted and passionate writer destined to be a key player in the recently shaken-up entertainment industry.

Tia's storytelling is unique, undone, and known for depicting real-life, believable scenarios, across multiple genres, while relating to broader audiences. Tia has been quoted as saying, “For the past 38 years, unknowingly, I had been cultivating myself in preparation for a personal harvest of films, books and consumer products; having studied and analyzed content, people and how it translates to service, with a great appreciation for the art and science of it all. Imagine planting a seed in a fruitful soil that is bare—leaving it with an adequate supply of water and sunshine to last almost four decades. What has sprouted, is a direct comparison to what flows from my brain all day long. I've found my purpose.” Having always known of her true talent for writing, only recently had she combined it with her extensive knowledge of the “business of people.” She began writing for personal gain in 2017, and has already completed 8 bankable films, 5 books, as well as a host of articles and blogs as a ghost writer.

T.V. Show: Judge Joe Brown – 2001 (Unpaid Extra)
Starring: Judge Joe Brown, as the first African American judge to preside over a courtroom television series.
Role: Episode involved a negotiation conflict between a salon owner and hairdresser, where Tia Myricks was seated behind the defendant.

(U.S.) Film: Mad City – 1996 (Uncredited Extra)
Starring: John Travolta and Dustin Hoffman
Role: Participated in background crowd during action sequence downtown San Jose, CA.

Trans Continental Talent, Inc. – 2000 (Talent Scout)
Talent agency offering an extensive online database of models, actors, photographers, stylists and other entertainment industry professionals, and is credited for being directly responsible for the success of N'Sync. While the company's reputation has since been stained, during Tia Myricks' short 2-week stint as a Talent Scout, she discovered a female model, who successfully obtained a contract with Noxema, for a national exposure.

FILM PROJECTS (available for public viewing on Film Freeway.com)
Arena's Forum – Screenplay Adaptation (drama)
Best Show Ever – Screenplay (suspense thriller)
Three the Soft Way – Screenplay (comedy)
Return to Theelish – Screenplay (sci-fi)

BOOK PROJECTS (available on Amazon in the U.S. and other countries)
Arena's Forum
SCARS: Gray Awakening

When All Hope is Lost – Short-film (drama)
Arena's Sanctuary – Book
The Maul – Screenplay (sci-fi/thriller)
Barber Kings and Beauty Queens – Screenplay (urban comedy)
Ultimate Guide to Surviving Business Office Culture – Book

Three the Soft Way, Too – Screenplay (urban comedy/sequel)
Arena's Salvation – Book
Untitled – Children's Book (English/Spanish)
Buy the Book – Screenplay (chick-flick comedy)
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Creative Writing