Amnesty Buckman

Freelance Animator & Creative Writer

Location:Chatsworth, Georgia, United States
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A little about me:

My name is Amnesty, and I'm twenty seven years old. I speak English (native language), and have worked in various backgrounds. I strive and push myself to make both professional and personal life to the best ability, and enjoy working on a vast majority of different projects. I have a vast number of skills from writing, to video editing among other things. I am starting out as a freelancer as I am needing to make ends meet while I strive to make a better life for my daughter, and continue to pursue and education towards my PH.D as a clinical psychologist.

I enjoy a vast number of things from learning a multitude of things, helping people achieve their best at what they do, give advice, and work hard at what I do. Why hire me? I will work well with the client in question (you), to achieve the best results I possibly can, I can handle critique without issues, and will learn based off new techniques that are implemented. I'm reliable when it comes to getting deadlines in, and will consistently work with the client (you) to achieve the goals we both sets, work on issues that may arise during the job and help where needed.

Skill set:
Proficient in different types of video editing
Proficient with writing reports of different various topics
Proficient in writing creative topics
Proficient in various programs such as Sony Vegas, Word Doc, Excel, Marketing Strategy, multiple website designs, coding of various types etc.

Skills obtained:
Able to maintain workflow, Client-Focused, Goal oriented, Work oriented, Data Entry, Creative Writing, Proofreader, Website design, Computer efficient, Able to maintain files/records, Quick learner, Proficient in clerical work, Able to provide proficient client/customer service and various other fields.
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Creative Writing