Angela Mooney

Freelance Business Developer & Business Consultant

Location:Jacksonville, North Carolina, United States
Phone: 8107725403
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I have over 12 years of experience working with start-up organizations listening to the voices of customers to develop key business development and account management processes.

My contributions span across many notable clients and organizations including NASA Tournament Labs, Lonely Planet, Zappos, Coca-Cola, Forbes, Topcoder, HeroX and more.

I believe in coming into companies during the tumultuous days, the start-up days. The days of the limited budget where every dollar counts. Those days where you know, things are continually changing because they have to change.

I help you become malleable to the market, continuously learn and grow and scale. I love the fire in the eyes of startup founders and employees.

I understand that many hats have to be worn in one role. I know the long nights, the meticulous attention to detail required and the non-negotiable dedication needed to thrive. I am here to help you prosper.