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Serge Boisvert deNevers

Freelance Drawer & Comic Artist

Location:Montréal, Quebec, Canada
2 Skills
From 1986 to Present:
Freelance visual artist. conceptor. Comics, cartoons and Kids book series co-writer,
Designer, illustrator. Also, enthusiastic Fedora wearer custom-made from Oregon and
Master trouble escapist with style. Has-been hardcore traveler. Red wine and Kentucky
Mash Bourbon fan. Comic books and superheros obsessed and, finally, a passion for the
Sport of archery. ...oh, I’m also one mean cooker. Everybody always comes back for a
Second plate.

What I do when i’m not doing what i usually do:

I illustrate comic book projects. Lay-outs. Inking, coloring on computer. ( photoshop only ).
I’m Working part times on other series and on my second series of kids books. My first series was: patatepilée. The series had 4 books published and also won an award for the second
Best book of the year at the: Salon du livre Saguenay, Lac-Saint-Jean. I was working on this
Series with Michel Bouchard as scriptor/writer of the stories.


At some time, for 26 years, ( or maybe a little more...), I was the Co-creator, co-founder
and co-owner of Safarir Magazine. The idea was started in1986 with my friend and associate Sylvain Bolduc. Then, the FIRST issue of Safarir was launched in October 1987. The magazine started to become a huge success around early 1991 until 2001-2002 when internet began to started to hit hard the magazines / print medias industries. I got rid of Safarir in 2010 since it
Was not making a mint anymore but remained Freelance for the magazine until 2014, or so, the leaved. But, I’m still a Freelancer. Never stopped to this day. Also, as mentionned earlier,
Had my first kids books series published in 2010. I also was illustrator for some school And education books in the 1990s. In 2006-2007, I have Been working on 2 of my series that were published in the magazine safarir to become 2 TV series in 3-D animation with TV producer Yves St-Gelais, already very well-known for his series “LaFlaque”, at Radio-Canada.
Unfortunately, it never happened.

Skills Used:

I’m very old school, but, don’t let that judge me negatively. I can’t yet draw on tablet very well,
But in revenge, when it comes for coloring, i picked-it-up fast and can paint on this thing like
When I was painting on canvas, Old-Style Eons ago. I use Photoshop, as updated as possible, for the colors side, but, i also even can draw directly, to some extent, and depending on what.
To draw, I use the papers-and-pencils, Paintbrushes and other inking methods on the good old
Drawing table. It’s hard to talk, describe all the skills you have and uses. Let’s just say that
Maybe my portfolio will attest to all this and answer you.
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Comic Art