Lauren Bigelow

Freelance Artist & Drawer

Location:Grand Blanc, Michigan, United States
2 Skills
For as long as I can remember, drawing and painting have brought me great joy. Over time, however, I realized that art is not limited to a paper or canvas lying dormant in a frame. The elements of design had always surrounded me, from the logos I recognized before I could talk to the screen I see today. My definition of art has since expanded to encompass every one of the tools I use to read, learn, and be entertained.

I am fascinated by the concept of transforming dull information into dynamic visual stories. I admire those who can attach meaning and emotion to words, numbers, and concepts through mere images. To me, graphic design is the best way to send the most resounding message. Thanks to the work of countless designers before me, I live in a world of new and exciting visual harmonies.

As a graphic design student at Penn State University, I hope to learn from these innovators so I might continue their process of changing the way society communicate. I would like to explore a variety of media, such as books, magazines, posters, websites, and mobile apps. My goal is to help companies build their brands and reach those who would not otherwise consider their products. Most importantly, I hope to bringing my art off the walls and into the everyday experiences of people around the world.
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