Keith Mabbs

Freelance Editor & Ghostwriter

Location:Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
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I'm a strong writer. I work with precision and have a dedication for the written word.

KL Mabbs

Published Wolf: A Military P.A.C. Novel 2013

Schooling: 1990 to 2010

Counseling/ Youth Service/ Human Resources: Ten Years:
Interviewed and assessed clients/ Counseled and advised clients/ Referrals to other services/ Ability to implement life skill workshop, substance abuse programs, youth services programs under the supervision of social workers and health care professionals

SFU (Simon Fraser University): Building on my skills in editing; identifying common weaknesses of new authors; and manuscript assessment.

Conferences and workshops over the past five years, looking at characterization, voice, style, how to create conflict and tension, and story structure. What it is and how it pertains to character arc.
I have read upwards of ten thousand books over my lifetime, so far, with ten years of that spent studying the style and voice of every author I like.
Consistent reading of books on writing craft.

Writing: Sixteen years’ experience writing: Consistently writing fiction for fourteen years:
Approx. 100,000,000 word count to date
Five novels in different genres and different worlds: Urban Fantasy; Vampire Fiction; Sword and Fantasy; Historical thriller
Two works in progress: Sword and Fantasy; Fantasy Time Travel.
A dozen short stories: Sci-Fi; Horror; Fantasy; Y/A Fantasy; *******; and Children’s Fantasy.
Training / Procedures Manual: Technical writing for an acrylics company

I have attended two to three writing workshop groups a month, for ten years, editing my work and others’. Even at a conservative estimate, this equals editing and critiquing about ten pieces a week for approximately ten years. And the rewrites for my work. This continues to be an ongoing activity.

Beta Reading / Editing: 2008 to 2013
8 full length manuscripts (approx. 80,000 to 100,000 words each) edited and assessed for colleagues.
Two thesis’ for colleagues: one in physics, the other in speech components.

Contract Work: 2011
Ghostwriting Contract – 60,000 word historical mystery
Edit, proof, and assess book for story structure. 170,000 word Epic Fantasy
Best man wedding speech
Eco-tech petition proposal
****** Short Story - Ghostwritten
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