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Bill Knight

Freelance Copywriter, Creative Writer, & More

Location:Bristol, Bristol, United Kingdom
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I'm a freelance direct response copywriter, author and Internet marketer. I also own a video production and marketing company. I've been a professional copywriter for 30 years and I started my video marketing company in 2011, after experiencing some amazing success with video sales letters.

I now specialise in content marketing and email marketing because this is the way to go for many types of business today. Also, social media marketing with Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Youtube are all areas, in which I can help you get more customers. Talk to me about online marketing... I'll show you how to do it the right way.

As a Direct Response Copywriter, I use carefully selected words to persuade your potential customers or clients to buy your products, your services or visit your website for more information. Some of my sales letters, emails and web page content have led to many, many thousands of sales for my clients.

Other specialties: Direct Response Copywriting including, Sales Letters, Web Content Writing, Article Writing, Press Releases, Video Scripts, Email Campaigns & Video Production... & so much more (really there is!)

As an internet marketer, I have built Wordpress websites, I've set up affiliate programs and sales funnels and promoted other people's products for big commissions. I have CPA accounts and I (and my team) create a range of promotional videos to promote products on Youtube and Facebook. I have written many ebooks including the best-seller, "Email Success by Design", and I have set up all types of email autoresponders. I use Photoshop regularly and I'm familiar with a whole host of other software programs.

I've been doing all this for a long time, so if you are looking for someone with a wide range of experience in online marketing and creative works then contact me for a quick and friendly chat.