Iram Ghulam Raza

Freelance Presentation Designer & Photo Editor

Location:Quetta, Balochistan, Pakistan
2 Skills
Miss Iram Ghulam Raza
B.E (Electronics)
Personal Profile :-
Name Iram Ghulam Raza
Father,s Name Ghulam Raza
Date of Birth 1’st Dec,1983.
Nationality Pakistan
N.I.C no# 54400-6117798-8
Domicile Quetta
Material Status Single

Mailing Address : Raza Jeweler's Shop-18, shad plaza, Abdul-sattar road, Quetta
Cell : 0315-6595581
Email Address :

Academic record

course Institute Division/
%age Passing Year
1.B.E(Electronics) Dawood college of Engineering & Technology, Karachi. (Mehran University of Engineering & Technology, Jamshoro) 1’st Div.
80.91% 2008
3.Fsc(Pre-Engineering) Govt. Girls Degree
College, Cantt: Quetta. 1’st Div.
70.73% 2002
4.Matric(Science) Govt. Girls Degree
College, Cantt: Quetta. 1’st Div.
72.70% 2000

Fields of Interest :
Control Engineering
Digital Electronics
Extra Courses

Diploma in IT from Muslim's Hands Informatics

HTML(Hyper link Markup Language)


Water Level Indicator
Transmitter(Of range 1Km)
Digital Logic Prob.
Traffic System
Light House
Power Supply
24V power supply
Dual power supply
Sun Flower Solar system (Intel Project), in process.

Final Year Project
Image Processing Interactive Robot Controller:-
In This Project we describe a straight forward technique for tracking for tracking a Human hand on Images acquired by an active camera system. We demonstrate the implementation of this method on an anthropomorphic assistance Robot as part of a multi-modal man-machine.
Interaction system: detecting the hand position, the robot can interprets a Human pointing gesture as the target objects to grasp. The goal of our project is as follows.
1. Visual Identification of objects presented by a human teacher
2. Recognition of the objects in a cluttered scene,
3. Handing over objects
4. Acting out simple assembly tasks
Future Planning
To widen my horizon of knowledge and to get more and more experience in the electronic field by working with such a well flourished and developed plate form that has proven itself as a separate recognition. And research over the projects which drive our many routine systems without expenditure of driving actuating energy resources.
I performed Internship in P.I.A, in Engineering Dept: for a month
Date: From 15’Th July to 15’Th August, 2006.
Work Shops:-

Instrument Overhaul, Shop.
Radio Overhaul, Shop.
Electrical Overhaul, Shop.
Boeing & Airbus Line Maintenance Hanger
Work Experience:-
• Two month in Technology Links as Service Engineer.
• 2 and half year as Teacher In Pak –Turk Schools and Colleges
• 8 months as Assistant Lecturer in Govt: Polytechnic Institute for Gilrls.Quetta.