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“Creative visionary with a magic wand”...
The vision I have is to undermine convention through innovation. Where others use images and words to illustrate life, I look at
life as mediums that tell their own stories; whether it is the tree, the sidewalk or the mountain. They are a canvas I can wave
my magic wand around. My wand is two-fold; internally it is my mind with its insight, its logic and its dreams. Externally, it is my
command of the language of communication, my eye to perceive what others do not. It is my hand that can turn the most
inanimate object into a channel which provides a message relevant to the lives of all it touches…
Who Am I?
To make an objective evaluation of myself is difficult; we tend to embellish to cover up our weaknesses. Nevertheless, I will
attempt it with as much honesty as I can. Dedicated, driven, passionate, innovative and energetic are words which come to
mind. However, perhaps they are more effective when placed in contrast to my weaknesses; emotionally attached, stubborn,
perfectionist, critical.
I have partied, I have socialised and I have traveled. I have acquired knowledge, understood it and applied it. I have found
myself through my embrace of my religion. I am first and foremost a Muslim; it requires of me tolerance and the best of
character and is the foundation of all I am, as we exist only in relation to those around us and Islam is the faith of brotherhood,
unity and community. My world or rather my being has consisted of a three- sided identity; the academic, the strategist and the
creative. I am all of the above but I am also none in the sense that my mind is still young, still naive, still absorbing everything
my eyes see and my mind questions.
Identity, fundamentally, is a fluid concept and is made to be changed, to be overwhelmed and to be consumed. The world
around us; culture, religion, media, money, capitalism, materialism, consumerism, spectacle; these are the words which mould,
which shape and which provide meaning to society and to the individual. I do not claim immunity from these influences nor do I
conform to them wholly but here, now, I have taken a stand to be a producer and an active player in the making of meaning.
Advertising means to me to shape the world for the consumer, allow them choice, guide their needs, aid their decisions, and
make them buy. However, it is this very notion which I seek to undermine. Why do we have to deceive to sell? Why is our vision
of beauty so distorted? My goal is to create practical, emotional and innovative solutions for clients using an unwavering
character, a moral backbone, the truth as the truth sits on the page.
I am because I am, I am what people make me out to be, I am the sum of my achievements, I am the consumer, I am the one
you want.
My ideas might seem idealistic and even naive but how can we use our logic to indulge in the practice of magic making if one
cannot dream.
‘I, however, have my own thoughts and ideas, images and concepts which are made to dazzle the mind, convert the consumer
and amuse the child. What I want is to be criticized, to be the object of intrigue, for as the famous modernist mantra goes ‘I
think, therefore I am’ and the consumer must be my examiner for they are my future, the future of modernism;
postmodernism, always chanting, ‘I desire/ I consume, therefore I am…
Abdul Aziz Gool‘.
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