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Billy Rayon

Freelance Comic Artist, Cartoonist, & More

Location:Alexandria, Virginia, United States
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Billy Rayon has been a free-lance cartoonist for years. His work has appeared in newspapers/magazines in the following markets: Charlotte NC, Washington DC, Palm Springs Ca, Ft Lauderdale Fla, London, England, Phoenix Az, and the University of Kentucky. He enjoys many genres of humor and he particularly likes restaurant-themed cartoons and noir. He has published two cartoon humor books on the restaurant business called : Separate Checks Vol. 1 & 2. He developed and created a line of '' Disposable Paper Coasters'' which he hopes to be able to market through a paper company. He is currently drawing and writing two, book projects. A draft of '' The Book of Fayetta, '' featuring the escapades of a young, African-American girl growing up in the south in the 1970s can be seen on his new, Instagram account :