Rick Kean

Freelance Document Designer & Photo Editor

Location:New York, New York, United States
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I am a trained journalist/editor/writer with twenty-plus years' experience in the Search and Staffing Industry. I am currently on the "career reinvention" curve as a freelance writer. I am skilled as one who operates well in that lovely interstice between heavy technical slogging and totally-dumbed-down, quasi-geek-speak. As a former corporate headhunter, I have interacted successfully with executives and candidates at all levels in many industries, and have developed a knack of questioning which helps me learn new specialty areas and assimilate new concepts quickly.

Along the way I have written/edited three books, over 30 websites, two E-Learning sites, and hundreds of publications of all sizes and types. As a corporate trainer, I wrote all of my own training materials and worked with small business owners in Search and Staffing to develop the materials that would help them establish and grow their businesses.

This means I can . . .

<> Produce high quality thinking and writing within tight deadlines.
<> Traverse an array of subject areas and audiences without causing ripples.
<> Generate realistic, compelling sales scripts and value propositions in real time.
<> Handle research and writing assignments with minimum instruction.
<> Give you one less thing to worry about.

In all fairness, though, it also means that I cannot . . .

<> Inject the word “awesome” into my writing whenever a more apt adjective fails to come immediately to mind;
<> Employ superlatives when they are not appropriate; or,
<> Construe more than a single item in any major subject area as “iconic.”
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Document Design
Photo Editing