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Lisa Slack

Freelance Book Writer & Blog Writer

Location:Tacoma, Washington, United States
Phone: 253-666-0716
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Lisa Slack
I am a twenty one year old female, with an open mind, and an insatiable curiosity. Seeking to put words to the incredibly complex world around me, give a voice to people, and provide insight into our motives as humans. I've found that for every topic, there is always more to say. Always another perspective to evaluate. I am in constant pursuit of the next perspective.

-Born and raised in Washington State
-Working on my fourth book
-Informal experience and research with editing
-Part of an intensive critique group since August 2017
-Honest, dedicated, and passionate
-Hardworking, flexible, and creative

Whatever the topic, I'm willing to research and cover it. My forte is storytelling, but my stories are always backed with reliable facts.
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Book Writing
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