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Hello, my name is Violet, I'm 21 and I love to draw, write, and think in depth with what life brings us and what I could do to possibly save it. I'm shy in person, massively, I was semi raised on the internet, morals you probably couldn't believe could exist all in one being. But my main "talents" remain drawing and screaming(musical, metal) but the only issue I have is carpletunnel, having to stop less than 5 minutes at a time to regain feeling in my hands or make them stop cramping up. When hiring me, you'll get love and compassion, it may not be the best, but I do believe you'd find yourself to enjoy it. Drawing, singing, screaming, trying to better life and mental tracks. Thank you for considering, and no matter what, you will be taken care of as much a possible. If you'd love to share some thoughts, I also have opinion I'd love to be tested. I am very open minded and ask you to be as well, I'll get the job done, and am willing to push myself to learn even more to achieve closer to your goals.

Thank you for considering me as your helper, have a wonderful day!
~ Violet
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