Patricia King Edwards

Freelance Editor & Business Plan Writer

Location:Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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Patricia King-Edwards
SUMMARY: As president of my own company, I coordinated classes, teachers, editors, writers, translators (32 languages) and simultaneous communication projects etc. At present, I do freelance editing/writing/ ghost writing of all types of documents in all fields. I hope to obtain a position that involves administration or editing in which I may use my varied abilities.

Carleton University, Ottawa CANADA
BA Comparative Religion 1976
Certificate in ESL teaching 1978

COMPUTER KNOWLEDGE -- Internet, MS Word, WORD PERFECT, some web design and design of brochures or flyers


1976 – 2001/ 2006 -- ESL Teacher in Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal CANADA
• Willis Business College Ottawa On 1976-79
• The Toronto Board of Education – immigrants 1980- 1983
• Humber College Toronto (Directed ESL Home Day Care program for immigrant women) 1984-85
• Metro Toronto Language School –young adults 1980-1984
• CCL Montreal –corporate clients Nortel Canada, Teleglobe, Atomic Energy of Canada, Paramax, 1985-1988
• McGill University Montreal (Business Writing) 1987-1988
• CMHC Ottawa Ont (Corporate clients) 1996-1998
• Algonquin College Ottawa (tested young international students for College Placement and taught Business Writing ) 1998-2000

SELF EMPLOYED 1987-1990, 1998-2001 and 2008-
? Tested, placed, taught and coordinated many levels of ESL students and many nationalities (coordinated teachers, translators, editors, schedules and projects etc.)
? Offered corporate clients a high quality service. Many have now graduated from universities and become professionals in the English speaking world.

? Worked with international students and new Canadian immigrants --all of whom would give an excellent testimony of the time spent in my classes.
? Designed and wrote five (200 page) ESL manuals for IELTS/TOEFL, Secretarial, Business, and Technical Writing and How to Edit your Text
? Punjab, India - Taught EFL in a college in the. 2010 (January) and 2011 (November –January)
? Taught Enhanced English language courses to foreign trained agricultural professionals in Ottawa, London ON, Toronto and Guelph CANADA through the Ontario Institute of Agrology and the University of Guelph. OIA lost their government funding for courses. 2008 – 2012
? Volunteer ESL teacher of Nepalese refugees – help with writing government documents etc. 2011- 2013


I have edited many types of documents from resumes, brochures, Business Plans, grant proposals, theses, books in all subject areas.
1986-1988: Did a substantive edit on `Nuclear Strategy - A Conventional Approach in a Nuclear Age' at St Jean Military Base Qc. (edited the PhD of Charles Philippe David and later rewrote it into a book). Final comment from the publisher was `This is the best writing that I have ever seen'. (Book may be shown upon request)
1984 - Edited technical documents and worked alongside engineers and technical support teams; wrote for internal newspapers and produced speeches for corporations such as Northern Telecom, Atomic Energy of Canada, Canada Liquid Air, CMHC Ottawa etc.
- Substantive edits on documents concerning Computer Engineering, Political Science, High Finance, Accounting, Business Management, plus a PhD for a professor at McGill and Concordia. (one paper won `Best Paper Award in Jordan in 1995).-- client for over 20 years.
Edited theses /books in Computer Science, Engineering, Sociology, Psychology, fiction books, military books and Geology texts etc. – (really too many to list)
? ‘The Power of Prayer’ Anita Yeun Ottawa, On, destined for Mainland China (2002)
? Personal Writing Assistant/Ghost writer to Hank Hallas and Elijah Ministry Ottawa, ON (for books, brochures and business papers) (2002 -2003)
? ‘When God Shows Up’ by George Desjardins, Kanata Ont. (2007)
? Edited cook books (recipes and nutrition charts etc) and documents for the Holistic Cooking School of Canada for Lori Nichols Davies, Carleton Place ON. (2008-2011)
? The Influence of Manga Dal by Ahnand Rajkumar (modern day fables of Guyana 2009)
? A collection of Sci-fi books by Bob Pinder Moss (2008)
PROFESSIONAL PROFILE OF PATRICIA KING-EDWARDS.....................................P.3
? ‘Alexander Fraser –The Forgotten Hero –Irene Spence and Ron Shaw’ (2011)
? The Annual Report – Department of National Defence, Ottawa (2011)
? At First They Were Soldiers --- Ron Shaw 2014
? Monitoring and Evaluation – Data Management System ***** Lainjo 2014
? Creating a Digital Government Dr Al-Khouri Minister of E-Commerce the UAE government (2016) –ongoing client
? Developing A Sustainable Organization Dr Al-Khouri Minister of E-Commerce the UAE government (2016)
? Circle of Attention Professor Al--Khouri Minister of E-Commerce the UAE government (2016)
? Strategic Plan – IT Solutions Dr AL-Khouri for Al-Rowad Inc UAE (2016)
? Mindset – Change Your Mind Change your Life Dr Al-Khouri Minister of E-Commerce the UAE government (2016)
? Harness Your Mind to Achieve Your Dreams for Dr Al-Khouri the UAE 2016
? Redeemed by Love Mia Stubbs North Carolina USA 2016
? For Those in Flight – semi-fiction about raising an autistic daughter Dr Rashmee - ongoing client (2016)
? The Enigma of White Chapel -mystery by Stephen Pease (2017) --an ongoing client
? The Visual Workplace (corporation) Gwendolyn Galsworth (2017) --an ongoing client
? Battle of Innocence -- Autobiography Oni Hope (2017) --an ongoing client
? Arab Federation of e-Commerce (A UAE corporation) Al Ghoneim (2017) --an ongoing client
? PRISM by ***** (2016) an ongoing client

1987– 20011: Within my own linguistic company, designed and wrote five (200 page) ESL books on Secretarial, Business and Technical Writing, TOEFL/ IELTS / CAN TEST PREPARATION and How to Edit your Text, which are the basis of the ELC seminars.
1987 - : My specialty writing brochures for people starting their own business.
MY OWN BOOKS TO BE PUBLISHED -- 2016: All used as seminars in Canada and India
? ‘Where is Your Heart’ (about my mission trips to India)
? True Worship- Restores us to our First Love’’ (300 pages)
? ‘Someone Needs What I Got’ my life story (800 pages)
? ‘Your Journey to the Promised Land – Mind, Soul and Body’
? ‘Apostleship Training – God’s Way’
? It Causes Me Shame
? ‘Kingdom of God Living’
? Overcoming by The Blood of the Lamb
? Revolution Not Revival
? Christian Mountain
? Where are You – a book on ex-drug addicts and the success

Hi Tricia
Thanks to the skills of editing/ghost writing work of Tricia King Edwards, Elijah Ministries presented clear, simple, precise and professional writing for our newsletters, articles and books. Thanks Tricia for your motivation and professional touch. Blessings, Hank Hank Hallas & Anita Hallas, Missionaries to the nations
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"Patricia is an accomplished English Language teacher, coach and editor. Persons whose first language is English have improved their writing and delivery skills. “English as a Second Language” students benefitted from her thorough teaching and appropriate delivery skills. Patricia has always updated her students on the latest advancement on the ever evolving English Language. I unhesitatingly recommend her." -- Adnand Toronto
Dear Patricia,
I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users. "Patricia is a really nice person to work with and for, and it's a great pleasure to be on her masterful team in our efforts to help Alliance Vision Education Centre in Nairobi, Kenya.
Patricia knows her stuff better than best and is a professional editor and writer of incomparable skills and expertise. No matter what you've written, you want it edited and made pristine with the highest level of proficiency and excellence, Patricia is the person you should hire. You will get the best there is when you do!" Sincerely, Patrick Stafford LA. USA
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Hi Patrick -- Brother, I find it so easy to work with Tricia as she is competent and apt to make things succeed for our organization. I have known Tricia over the years as a very kind soul, a lady who means what she says and a spirit that can help change the impossible into possible. Hope through working with her, you will be very much pleased as I have been over the years. Thanks and Be blessed George
* * * * * * * * * * * * *
My very dear friend and sensitive writer, Tricia

I read what you did, made the changes but must say that I was awed by how you changed the mood of some of the phrases - their start and their ending. Example at the end: How enriched...... etc. These have broken the occasional monotony of my testimony. Your changes have touched me so much that I dare say my story may have captured your interest. Thank you for a wonderful turn-around and for your precious contribution. Warmly, Ralph -- Montreal
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Dear Pat,
This is just a note if you ever want one for a reference. You have worked with me now for over 20 years. Many many manuscripts in High Finance, Debt Equity Swaps, Accounting and Business Management have passed through your capable hands. You have edited my curriculum materials, PhD thesis and many more. StiIl, I am so glad, we will work together once more on yet another document which is the management book for the Middle East. You have been a great asset to me in helping me not only move ahead in my career, but on a personal level as well, as I consider you my friend. Best of luck in all your endeavours... Sincerely, F Elali Bahrain / Montreal
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