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Freelance Drawer & Painter

Location:London, United Kingdom
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My name is Stefano, I'm 33 years old, I was born in Tuscany (Italy) and now I live in London.
Shortly after completing high school,"ARTS INSTITUTE IN GOLDSMITH COURSE",
I immediately started working with jewellery companies in Tuscany and as a freelance basis for both jewellers and individual clients.
Over the years I have created pieces and collections using a variety of materials (gold, silver and precious stones) and techniques (electroforming,engraving,enamel,investment casting)
I have drawn jewellery both by hand and computer-aided design, through various softwares (such as Rhinoceros).
I specialized in laser cutting on various materials such as steel,wood,glass,plastic and 3d design modelling (especially designed for electroforming).
I have crafted contemporary collections and pieces inspired by famous Italian painters and works of art. I have always been able to meet and satisfy the client or brand’s specifications, adapting my creative thinking to different needs and fashion trends.
Since I was young ,I have drawn and painted using different techniques (ink, watercolors, chiaroscuro, acrylic and chalk),sometimes, I've combinated my own prints and drawings in some jewellery collections.
Besides jewellery design and making, as a Graphic Designer I have produced promotional materials for the fashion and some creative industries.
I love have eye for details and colours and I need continuously to find new inspirations.

MARCH 2000
Professional graphic design qualification from Scuola 2F.
I developed technical competence and expertise in the use of Photoshop and 3D Studio Max graphics softwares.

SEPTEMBER 1991 – July 1996
High school leaving certificate (A-levels equivalent qualification) with emphasis on jewellery design and making from the Arts Institute.
As part of the curriculum we covered: drawing, design, casting, embossing and engraving, sculpure, enamels, jewellery workshop (welding, grinding, turning, lamination and perforation).
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