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Holly Wells

Freelance Digital Artist & Comic Artist

Location:Kent, United Kingdom
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Motivated, efficient and passionate about my work, I am a freelance graphic artist who steps up to the challenge every time. In June of this year I completed a degree in Jewellery Design and Production, and upon it's completion decided to throw myself full time into my love for illustration and comic books, resulting in a commission for a 145 page graphic novel, and the production of a number of concept artworks for games and websites.

I am always looking for challenging and engaging projects to work on, and relish the opportunity to work with ambitious and inspired clients. My style itself has been described as dark yet beautiful, although I personally aim for something interesting and fitting for the project it was created for.

At this moment I am taking on almost any project, be it illustrations for comics or children's books, or concept art for games and websites.

Software skills include:

Photoshop and Illustrator

Practical skills include:

Traditional - drawing, painting (acrylic, gouache, watercolour), lineart (inks), graphic/comic art
Metal work - piercing, soldering, filing, shaping, finishing and polishing.

I also have experience working with rapid prototypers, laser and waterjet cutters, and laser-welders.

My online portfolio can be found at
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Digital Art
Comic Art