Linda Edwards

Freelance Article Writer & Press Release Writer

Location:Hartfield, Virginia, United States
2 Skills
Writing has always been my thing. My usual voice is casual and conversational with good grammar and syntax. I have written weekly newspaper columns (was considered the Erma Bombeck of Columbus, Ohio). I also have penned restaurant and movie reviews, a variety of feature articles, as well as writing copy for display ads. I did a lengthy piece for a travel website. Finally, I have written a number of newsletters for companies. In addition to my writing skills, I have extensive background in medical terminology and can easily render a hopelessly complex medical report into one that is clear and concise. Last, and possibly least, for some uncanny reason I can write in rhyme very easily. Oh, and lest I forget…I won a Christmas haiku writing contest sponsored by a local radio station. How many people can claim that fame? Catch me while you can for your project. I could be going fast!!!