Freelance Artist & Mural Painter

Location:Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Website: http://www.fieldsofart.webs.com
2 Skills
This is my resume outline, more details for each position available upon request

Three years Coordinating a Part time Studies Course at Algonquin College
Seven years experience as an Instructor at Algonquin College
Eight years experience as a Teacher’s Aid at Algonquin College
Six years experience as a residential and commercial mural artist
Ten years experience drawing portraits
Eight years of Animation Studio experience in several departments, contributing to 22 aired animated television series

*Proficient level in Microsoft Suite, Harmony, Photoshop, ToomBoom and Flash

Work Experience:
Algonquin College – Life Drawing Instructor - Ottawa, Ontario - 2005 to 2011

Glebe Montessori School - Substitute Instructor - Ottawa, Ontario - 2011

Algonquin College - Coordinator and Instructor of the Pre-Animation Part Time Studies Program-Ottawa, Ontario - 2008

Mercury Filmworks – Animation Assembly Technician Supervisor - Ottawa, Ontario - 2004 to 2006

Mercury Filmworks - Animation Assembly Technician - Ottawa, Ontario - 2003 to 2008

Algonquin College - Substitute Teacher - Ottawa, Ontario - 2003 to 2007

Algonquin College - Life Drawing Model - Ottawa, Ontario - 2001 to 2009

PIP Animation – Animation Assembly Technician - Ottawa, Ontario - 2005 to 2006

PIP Animation - Digital Ink & Painter - Ottawa, Ontario - 2000 to 2003

PIP Animation - Digital Paint Supervisor - Ottawa, Ontario - 2001 to 2003

In Production / United Way - Storyboard Artist - Ottawa, Ontario - July 2002

Certifications and Training

Mercury Filmworks Harmony Training 2003 - 2008
Mercury Filmworks Photoshop Training 2003 - 2008
Mercury Filmworks Animation Training 2003 - 2008
PIP Animation Flash Program Training 2005
Algonquin College Animation Television Program 2000
Prime Technologies Microsoft Suite 1999

Animation Positions

Digital Ink and Painter:
Freaky Stories(Supervisor)
Hoze Houndz (Supervisor)
Anthony Ant
The Ripping friends (Supervisor)
Cyber World
Ren and Stimpy (Supervisor)
The Ark
Maggie and the Ferocious Beast (Supervisor)
Zero Man
Katie and Orbie
Robo Roach (Supervisor)

Animation Assembly Technician:
Mischief City (Supervisor)
Gerald McBoing Boing (Supervisor)
Weird Years
6 Teen
Carl2 (Squared)

Animation Assembly Technician for Demos:
Arthur (Supervisor)
Zombies (Supervisor)

Animator: Wilbur

Background Painting Reviser :
Mischief City (Supervisor)
Gerald McBoing Boing (Supervisor)
Weird Years
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Mural Painting