Jagan Ramamoorthy

Freelance Screenwriter & Music Producer

Location:North Hills, California, United States
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Since his arrival into the Los Angeles, California metropolitan area in 2002, Mr. Jagannathan Ramamoorthy, MFA, has repeatedly demonstrated his mastery of the rare North Indian style of violin performance pioneered by his guru – violin legend Padmabhushan Dr. N. Rajam, former dean and Professor Emeritus of Indian Music, Benaras University, India – known as Gaayaki Ang, or the “singing style,” which emulates most closely the timbre, nuances and energetics of the human voice. After more than fifteen years of teaching this rare art form both within the United States and abroad, Mr. Ramamoorthy is the senior-most disciple of Dr. N. Rajam currently in practice.

Jagan Ramamoorthy has featured in several of his Solo and accompaniment performances ranging from world sacred festival of music to touring with ace Tabla legend, Zakir Hussein and his dancer wife, Toni Minnecola in several concerts. Apart from this Jagan has also featured as a soloist for the Qualcomm industry annual meet. Among his very latest, Jagan has featured as a Violinist for Drag Me 2 Hell, The Quantum Activist, HULK, Looking For A Comedy In The Muslim World, Dussehra and other Film projects.

Currently, Jagan Ramamoorthy has written a feature film screenplay (Original) titled Dweller Of 2 Worlds, co-authored with (Non Original) Denise Sery of Arkansas. Apart from this Jagan is also involved in a Yoga-Music-Meditation-Therapy-Spirituality DVD series production titled Art Of Transcendence, as a media producer.

Recipient of the Durfee Foundation Master Musician Fellowship Award for 2006 & 07, and a two-time recipient of the City of Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department LA Treasures Award, Mr. Ramamoorthy has established himself as a leader in his chosen field. Due to this, he has been chosen to perform as a featured violin soloist on various soundtracks, to include the Hollywood blockbusters Drag Me 2 Hell (2009), The Quantum Activist (2009), HULK(2003), Looking For a Comedy In The Muslim World and to lend his considerable composing and arranging skills to short film and documentary soundtracks, to include Dussehra, a documentary on the issues surrounding incest in rural suburban Delhi.

Mr. Ramamoorthy currently resides with his family in Los Angeles, California and kindly asks that all questions about opportunities for concerts, master classes and workshops, or questions regarding his teaching, Screenwriting and performance schedules be directed to his public relations manager, via email
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