Mason Williams

Freelance Translator & Chinese Translator

Location:Anaheim, California, United States
2 Skills
Services Provided

-Real-time interpretation services for clients
-Courtroom interpretation
-Conference/Meeting interpretation
-Translation of written text
-Edit/Proofread written material
-Language training for your staff (both Chinese and English), material prepared and presented entirely on my own
-Creation of new text material in target language
-Advice and consultation on foreign culture/language learning


-I am a self-taught, fluent speaker of Mandarin Chinese, with a level approaching near-native.

-Excellent listening comprehension on a variety of topics

-Outstanding spoken ability in the target language

-Speak Mandarin without any inflection of foreign accent, and can speak in both formal and colloquial settings.

-Able to read and write text on a variety of topics, can write nearly 3000 simplified characters, also quite competent with traditional characters

-Deep understanding of Chinese culture which comes from thousands of hours of working with them and work experience in Mainland China


-The fact that I am nearly completely self-taught in Chinese and my self-introduction both prove that I am a passionate individual, willing to work hard and lose sleep to accomplish worthy objectives.

-Demonstrated passion by moving to other countries without any contacts or job offers and being extremely successful, I have also broken into several new industries in the past that I have had no previous experience in, with outstanding results.


-I am always looking for ways to improve the way things are done on the job, and frequently bring up thoughts and suggestions to management. An example is the popular English Class that I spearheaded at Intercontinental Chengdu


-My personal values are deeply linked with my sense of integrity. I believe that I am only as good as my word, and hold myself to an extremely high standard of behavior.

Certifications and Achievements

HSK Level 6

Passed the highest standard for the Mandarin Standard Proficiency Test, known as the HSK, with a score of 243/300

Actor for Promotional Video

I acted in two different professional-quality videos for Intercontinental Century City Chengdu, which were used for promoting the brand throughout the region

Film Subtitles

I created the English subtitles for the Chinese short-film Story of a Nameless City,

Eagle Scout

I organized a large-scale event when I was fourteen years old, asking the local community to participate in making bags for foster care children to keep their possessions in.

Large-Scale Event Planner

Was responsible for planning, inviting, and hosting a large-scale Chinese New Year’s event twice while in England. Each occasion hosted over a hundred people.


Former weekly volunteer for the Special Needs’ Mutual organization

Work Experience

Freelance Interpreter

July 2017-Present

As a freelance interpreter, my mission statement is to constantly seek self-improvement. I accomplish projects given to me by my clients with enthusiasm and drive. I operate on the basis of several core work values, which are accuracy, punctuality, professionalism, and creativity.

Guest Relations Manager:

Intercontinental Century City Chengdu

December 2016 - May 2017

Intercontinental Century City Chengdu is ranked as one of the top 10 hotels in the China Region. I was integrated into every department in the hotel, including the marketing, duty manager, public relations, concierge, and sales departments. My responsibilities in the guest relations department were being the 'face' of the hotel by working the main lobby and handling VIP guests, ensuring that their stay was flawless. However, in practice I was the primary interface with anything to do with English, which meant that I was frequently called upon to resolve international guest complaints, read over and translate legal documents and advertisements for the entire South-West China region, prepare reports that would be sent to corporate, etc. I also voluntarily started a popular weekly English class for my co-workers, teaching them content I prepared myself without any expectation of compensation.

Full Time Missionary:

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

August 2014 - July 2016

I was a full-time volunteer for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, serving in various cities throughout England. During this time, complete dedication of heart and mind were required, which meant that one was effectively 'clocked in' from 6:30 in the morning to 10:30 at night. Our goal was to teach others about our church and help out those in need in the areas we were in.
Adding to this was the expectation that we proselyte in the Mandarin language to the Chinese people. During this time, I poured my entire heart and soul into studying the language, and quickly progressed beyond the skill level that normally counts for fluency in the language.
I fulfilled my responsibilities in many creative ways, and helped many convert to the church. I also helped out the local Chinese populations by starting a free English class that anyone could attend, and encouraged local members of the English community to participate and make lifelong connections with immigrants.
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Chinese Translation