Scene Siltala

Freelance Fantasy Artist & Digital Artist

Location:United States
2 Skills
5907 South 570 East, Murray, UT 84107 (801)-628-9704,
Scene S. Siltala
Objective To establish a career in designing and creating imaginative artwork that captures the imagination of children and adults the world over.
Experience June 2010 –October 2010 The Salt Lake City Peoples Market Salt Lake City,UT
Portrait Artist
• Created new style of caricature/portrait art.
• Sold on the spot anime portraits of people and children.
• Generated more business for the farmers market in which I participated.
• Averaged a minimum of $50.00 a day working 5 hours.
2007-2010 The Mu5ic
Graphic Designer
• Created the official company logo and over all image.
• Responsible for most of the artwork and art direction for the company.
• Designer for many of the items sold as merchandise.

Freelance work
• 3 years working on commissions.
• Designed and created everything from personal commissions and posters to book covers, flyers and Christmas cards.

Digital art experience 2008-2010 Corel painter 11 (Graphic design and photo editing
Graphic design
2 years of experience in photo editing and digital painting
Capable of creating fully finished portfolio-ready art pieces.
Highly experienced in digital oil painting and airbrushing techniques.
Art Styles Specializes in cartoon and anime styles using digital media.
Capable of many art styles including realistic, abstract, cartoon art, story book art and more.
Inspirations include Disney cartoons, fairy tale art, and fantasy art.
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Fantasy Art
Digital Art