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Freelance Screenwriter & Photographer

Location:Duluth, Georgia, United States
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Ryan H. White
2620 N. Berkeley Lake Road, #213 • Duluth, GA 30096 • 240-565-3663 •


Energetic, creative and analytical professional is able to bring an innovative eye to company initiatives and values. Demonstrates strong leadership ability by communicating efficiently and effectively to team members and customers to ensure retention. Has strong and confident sales/marketing ability that helps improve company goals and message.


Southern New Hampshire University: Manchester, NH Anticipated Completion May 2017
Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing


Freelancer: Duluth, GA January 2012 – Present
• “Dawn the Mask” Volumes 1 and 2 published through 2014 and 2016
• “Unfiltered History” sold on every online platform
• “Why repent??? Imma do it again” the podcast 1000 listeners every week since 2015
• Sound boom operator for films, skits, and music videos
• Indy con feature 2016 host for panel of “Dawn of the mask”
• Mechacon panel 2017 for “rymu comics”
• Writer and creator for Bella- Nova, Late Justice, Not Qualified and Blind Men Lead


Diageo: Roswell, GA 2014 – 2016
Facilities Manager
• Reduce office over budgeting by correcting issues with food, supplies, and maintenance, saving the office over $9,000 annually
• Implement BME safety system reducing injuries from over twelve a year to zero since safety program start, resulting in many man hours saved and reducing insurance costs for company
• Pursue and build several valuable relationships with venders such as OfficeMax, FedEx, and Walmart

RYMU Entertainment LLC: Duluth, GA 2013 –
Writer, Director, Creator
• Directs and edits podcast
• Writes screenplays, music, and comic books for artist
• Handles all finances including the budget and producer on all projects

Panduit: Cumming, GA 2016 – present
Administrative Assistant
• Inspected received goods for quality and quantity specifications
• Verified that proper labels are accurate with the merchandise
• Observed others with the integrity of the merchandise
• Reported to corporate office with customer concerns
• Budget for department as well as ordering supplies

Production Assistant 2013- present
Freelance Production Assistant
• Nike photo shoot
• Domestic Seduction (feature film) Gaffer and sound
• Assistant director on several music videos
• Extra on “Hoodlums”
• Cinematographer and editor on “Late Justice”
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