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Krystal Kranz

Freelance Digital Artist & Illustrator

Location:California, United States
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Krystal Kranz
CELL: (949) 683-9018

Summary of Qualifications
Skilled 2D Artist with the ability to create conceptual art using digital mediums such as Adobe Photoshop as well as traditionally. Organized and professional, with significant proficiency in using a PC and software. Comfortable using 3D Studio Max, Autodesk Maya, and Z-Brush.

Technical Knowledge/Traditional Skills
- Adobe Photoshop - Creative Writing
- 3D Studio Max - Conceptual Design
- Z-Brush - Anatomy
- Unreal Engine - Color Theory
- Autodesk Maya - Composition
- Microsoft Word - Life Drawing
- PowerPoint

The Art Institute of California, San Diego October 2007 – December 2010
Bachelor of Science - Game Art and Design
William Kowach Game Asset Pipeline Workshop September 2010
Hethe Srodawa Environment Design Workshop May 2010
Hethe Srodawa Character Design Workshop February 2010

Creative Experience
American Association of University Women – Math & Science Recognition Breakfast
Professional Mentor Consultant
- Spoke to promising middle school girls about career paths in math and science
- Offered insight on personal experiences in pursuing the gaming industry

Sony Online Entertainment Mentorship Program
Game Prototyping – Team Geyser – Silver Tier Isles
Co-Lead, Concept Artist, Small Prop Artist
- Designed concepts for small assets
- Modeled and textured small assets
- Assisted the Team Lead in keeping up with team member schedules and assignments
- Compiled PowerPoint presentations for mentors to review team progress and critique work
- Compiled notes from mentor review to provide for members

Game Production – Team Lily Dream
Manager, 2D Artist
- Responsible for creating the 2D assets – moons, distant islands, and a silhouette
- Managed the schedule of assets and kept up with deliverables
- Worked together with team of three to make project efficient overall

Game Production – Team Vile Circumference
Prop Artist
- Modeled and textured assets for a punk-rock venue environment

Advanced Game Modeling & Texturing – Team BLK
Concept Artist, Prop Artist
- Project based on the rules of Unearthly Challenge, working in a team of three
- Provided silhouette concepts of buildings
- Modeled and textured two buildings

Women In Games International, Women In Animation,, Concept Art Club at AICASD
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Digital Art