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A bit about me and my background: I've worked in various capacities in the industry at New Line, Disney, Warner Bros and MTV over the years, and have developed projects with the producers of THE LORD OF THE RINGS, THE MISSING, GAME OF THRONES and GRAN TORINO. Needless to say, I have experience.

My first film, A NEW TOMORROW, a political mockumentary, won the audience award at the Seattle True Independent Film Festival. My drama pilot RIDGEWAY is currently being pitched to cable networks and streaming services with a director attached. Additionally, my feature FRANKENSTEIN IN LOVE goes into production early next year. For more information about my career so far, please check out this article I wrote for LA Screenwriter:

Below is my resume, from which you’ll see I’ve written or rewritten thirty two features, nine TV pilots and eight shorts. I’m fast, fun, versatile and easy to work with – and eager to discuss this opportunity with you. I look forward to hearing more about your project, and I’d be delighted to send you a writing sample at your request.

Thanks and best,
Carole A. Parker



When a low-budget filmmaker shoots a documentary about a local mayoral race in small-town Venison, he gets sucked into a battle between dysfunctional Democrats and Christian Republicans which explodes into ***, drugs and cheesy arena rock on election night. A sharp, witty political mockumentary in the vein of BOB ROBERTS, THIS IS SPINAL TAP and WAITING FOR GUFFMAN. Winner, audience award - Seattle Independent Film Festival. Currently available on Netflix and Amazon.

A biopic about the life of Fillmore Slim, a blues musician who grew up in New Orleans in the 50’s. The story follows his life as a recording star, and then his ‘accidental’ second career as ‘America’s most successful ****’ in San Francisco in the 60’s into the 70’s. After living the high life, hanging out with rock stars and celebrities and managing over a hundred women, he falls from grace and goes to prison, only to emerge years later smarter and wiser, and returns to his music. Out to investors with Snoop Dogg attached.

After a home invasion gone wrong, a charming but deadly rogue cop on the run holds a group of celebrities hostage in an after-hours club, each of whom has a secret that’s about to destroy their lives -- but things take a surprising turn when the A-listers bond with their captor and try and help him escape. A psychological thriller with one location, told in real time. ALBINO ALLIGATOR meets THE PETRIFIED FOREST. Currently under option. Preproduction, winter, 2018.

A luscious but deadly career criminal has just pulled off the perfect robbery. But when the money from the job is suddenly stolen, she and her gang of miscreants try to find out who took it. THE TOWN meets THE USUAL SUSPECTS by way of THE ITALIAN JOB.

When a rebellious young girl's parents are killed trying to rob a bank, her family's big secret is revealed. Wanting to follow in their footsteps, she persuades her grandfather, a master thief, to teach her the tricks of the trade. Her initiation comes full-circle when she pulls off the perfect job where her parents died. THE TOWN meets HEAT in this prequel to THE HEISTERS. Developed with producer Daniel Ostroff. (THE MISSING, GRAN TORINO)

Thirty years in the future after a zombie apocalypse, a liberal boy and a conservative girl fall in love and decide to elope despite their parents’ objections. But when the boy gets bitten and gets the virus, he has to fight for his life, a cure -- and the girl. 28 DAYS LATER meets ZOMBIELAND by way of ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK. Developed with producer Mark Ordesky. (THE LORD OF THE RINGS, WAG THE DOG, THE GOLDEN COMPASS)

When a ******** is mistakenly given a suitcase nuke at an airport bar, she’s suddenly pursued by a Homeland Security agent, an arms dealer, a terrorist sleeper cell, her CIA agent ex-lover and a trio of assassins – as she races against the clock to deliver the package before sunrise in order to save her family. NORTH BY NORTHWEST meets THE BOURNE IDENTITY by way of WANTED.

When a trust fund heiress escapes from a mental institution, she hooks up with a bisexual, drug-fueled of bank robber and goes on a one-way trip to hell which culminates in a confrontation with her ******** abusive father. BONNIE & CLYDE meets KALIFORNIA by way of GUN CRAZY.

A ******, her drug dealer boyfriend and a wannabe screenwriter live an idyllic life at a sleazy hotel on the Venice boardwalk. But when the writer overhears the ****** being attacked by a client, she races into her room and kills him, which sets off a chain of events over the course of one long, hot night. As the body count rises, so does the body heat. VERY BAD THINGS meets AFTER HOURS in this pitch-black comedy.

A stunning but desperate B-movie actress and a buff, lesbian personal trainer are thrust into a torrid affair, but when the starlet convinces her lover to **** her husband, an elderly, diabetic film director who keeps her prisoner on his houseboat, things soon go horribly wrong. BODY HEAT meets BOUND in a twisty, sexy film noir.

A private detective has to defend her family, her client and her ex-husband against a mafia home invasion on Christmas Eve in Beverly Hills during a freak snowstorm. CRIME WAVE meets PANIC ROOM. Currently under option.

When an overweight teen gets cyber-bullied by the popular kids at school, she runs home and hides. But when she accidentally drinks her scientist father’s secret formula, she becomes invisible -- and then starts getting even. HEATHERS meets CARRIE. Currently under option.

A high school science genius nerd is in love with the head cheerleader, but she won’t give him the time of day -- so when she gets killed in a hit-and-run accident, he brings her back to life and starts ‘dating’ her. Meanwhile, his childhood sweetheart still pines for him, but when she finds out that the cheerleader been resurrected, she decides to try and win him back, with deadly results. RE-ANIMATOR meets THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN. Currently under option. Preproduction, spring, 2019.

In this sequel to NOWHERE GIRL, two female Homeland Security agents face a terrorist cell who has gate-crashed the White House State Dinner, and has kidnapped one of the agent’s little girls. It’s a mad race through Hollywood on one, long grueling night as they fend off a series of assassins on their way to catch a black ops ***** and rescue her kids.

When a broke, desperate, unemployed screenwriter impulsively steals a car and finds a gun and a million in cash in the back seat, she decides to get revenge on the movie studio that killed her big deal -- and takes it hostage. Live, on TV. NETWORK meets DOG DAY AFTERNOON by way of TO DIE FOR.

Carrie Love is "Legs," a private eye who gets in over her head when she impulsively decides to avenge the beheading of her **** star lover at the hands of a reality show snuff filmmaker. She plummets into a decadent joyride through the underbelly of Hollywood, where she must confront and conquer her demons in order to capture the killer -- and, on the way, find true love. Part 1 of a trilogy. PULP FICTION meets THE BIG SLEEP.

An offbeat, hard-drinking ******** detective and her ex-partner and soon to be ex-husband are on the trail of a crazed, under-aged serial killer hell-bent on recreating her favorite movie *******. But when the detective gets sucked into an affair with a female **** star, she’s thrown off the force and her life falls apart. Just as all seems lost, she confronts her demons and brings the teenage killer to justice in a blood-drenched showdown of epic, pop-culture proportions. OUT OF SIGHT meets AMERICAN PSYCHO. Part 2 of a trilogy.

When a promiscuous alcoholic private eye is hired by a movie producer’s wife to investigate his ******, she gets framed for killing him, and then has to tangle with a femme fatale, her ******** ******** detective ex-husband and her inner demons in order to solve the crime. Part 3 of a trilogy. LA CONFIDENTIAL meets PULP FICTION.

The true story of a young transgender woman coming of age in Manhattan in the 80’s. She takes a walk on the wild side in clubland, fueled by booze, drugs and estrogen as she deals with a new identity, a new life – and trying to find love. DESPERATELY SEEKING SUSAN meets THE CRYING GAME.

A ‘California blonde’ actress and a self-described ‘mocha-flavored’ comic pose as policewomen to find a crooked cop on the run from the mob. The reason? He's the actress’ long-lost father, and Remy's most recent, and they both want the million dollar reward for finding him. RUSH HOUR meets CHARLIE’S ANGELS by way of LETHAL WEAPON.

The true story of a star-struck innocent who latches onto world-famous **** star Savannah -- and goes on a wild ride through the underbelly of Hollywood and the **** industry that spirals down into drug abuse, isolation and insanity -- from which he barely escapes with his life. Sadder and wiser, he learns the cost of fame and fortune -- and the true meaning of friendship and love.
A true-life BOOGIE NIGHTS.


BAD CAT (Rewrite)
Shero is a party animal on the make in search of the perfect party. But when he and his friends Rafi the rat and Rivki the seagull try to find food and booze, they accidentally **** a mild-mannered cartoonist’s cat, who then vows to get revenge – which gets in the way of Shero courting Misscat, the feline he loves. FRITZ THE CAT meets TED.

An ensemble drama with four tightly woven character centric tales with themes of life, death, rebirth and hope. The arrival of a mysterious new cook in a small town diner ignites a series of events for each character, forcing them to face the consequences of their life choices and fight for a second chance.

A reimagination of the familiar story, but with a young adult twist: Alice is a college student at the University Of Wonderland, where she suddenly is confronted by her ancestry and then must fight The Red Queen, who wants to **** her and her family. THE HUNGER GAMES meets DIVERGENT. Currently fundraising on Kickstarter.

THE PROPHESY OF RECKONING (Screenplay: Book Adaptation)
A group of five teenagers go on a quest to fulfill a prophesy that will save mankind from destruction. THE LORD OF THE RINGS meets GAME OF THRONES.

When a nerdy opera buff discovers his favorite tenor is retiring, he and a fellow female fan travel to New York to try to convince him not to retire. Meanwhile, the tenor’s manager, after making a bad deal with the mob in Rome, flies to Manhattan with the tenor to give his final performance, with a pair of mafia goons in pursuit.

The true story of Dr. Archie McIndoe, who invented modern plastic surgery during World War II while reconstructing the faces and hands of the British Royal Air Force pilots who were badly burned when their planes shot down. Not only does he restore them physically, but also helps them build their self-esteem and successfully re-enter society.

SEVEN YEARS (Screenplay)
A pair of childhood friends comes up with a plan for them and a group of college friends to try and cheat the bankruptcy laws by amassing a large amount of credit and then living off it for seven years, but things soon start to spiral out of control, with life-changing results for both. DEAD POET’S SOCIETY meets GOOD WILL HUNTING by way of 21.

THE EXPEDITER (Short Story Adaptation)
A coming of age story in which a young man gets a job working at factory in Queens, New York in 1975, where a former Marine Master Sergeant takes him under his wing and teaches him about life, love, and being a man. FACTOTUM meets GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS.

STARKID (Screenplay)
A single father discovers that his genius son is really an alien, and that he’s planning on returning home. THE COURTSHIP OF EDDIE’S FATHER meets ET.

A recently widowed real estate agent is gun-shy about falling in love again, so he hires a high-class call girl, and is in for the surprise of his life when they hit it off and eventually fall in love.

A pair of San Francisco party girls visit Manhattan and take the town by storm in a whirlwind of cocktails, shopping and fancy restaurants, but when one of them unexpectedly meets George Clooney, they end up having a life-changing lunch.

When a trust fund kid almost flunks out of Harvard, he enlists the help of three, poor foreign exchange students who teach him the meaning of life – and how to study.


A disgraced former super-cop, now a PI working her first case, starts dating a female **** star, but when her father suddenly dies, things get a bit complicated. A female ROCKFORD FILES on acid frapped in a Tarantino blender for a new generation. Under consideraton at Showtime.

When a boozy LA crime writer goes bankrupt and loses her home, she packs up her car and drives to the Ozark Mountains to be with her online girlfriend and start over, but when her past catches up with her, she turns to a life of crime in the ****** trade to make ends meet. BREAKING BAD meets TWIN PEAKS. Now out to networks and steaming services with director attached.

When a rebellious young girl's parents are killed trying to rob a bank, her family's big secret is revealed. Wanting to follow in their footsteps, she persuades her grandfather, a master thief, to teach her the tricks of the trade.

Dick and Honey are a standup comedy team. The problem is, they’re not very funny, and they’re having a hard time making a living. On the verge of being evicted, they impulsively decide to become bounty hunters, and are thrust into the adventure of their lives when they’re hired to track down a Ponzi scheme criminal on the lam. BURN NOTICE meets MOONLIGHTING.
Under consideration at TNT.

The true story of a young transgender woman coming of age in Manhattan in the early 80’s, where she takes a walk on the wild side in clubland fueled by booze, drugs and hormones as she deals with a new identity, a new life – and her family back home.Winner, best drama pilot – Hollywood’s Next Big Success Screenwriting Contest. A punk-rock MARY TYLER MOORE


As a result of not following the rules, an impulsive, headstrong fourteen-year-old boy falls into a river, goes over a waterfall, and is suddenly thrown into a medieval fantasy world. During a series of increasingly dangerous adventures he helps a new friend reclaim his birth right as king, which causes him to grow up and make it back home. (YA fantasy novel adapation, book one of a trilogy) HARRY POTTER meets GAME OF THRONES. Currently under consideration with the above-referenced Mark Ordesky.

A divorced, unemployed middle-aged man faces an existential crisis after his mother unexpectedly dies. At the urging of his closest boyhood friend, he starts taking acting classes with a view to trying to learn how to connect with people – and himself. A darkly funny look at the modern man.

It’s the first day of work for a group of brilliant contractors who’ve been hired to come up with a wonder drug that will cure breast cancer, but when the ragtag group sets up camp in a trailer in the parking lot of the hotel they’ll be staying for the next two years, they have to deal with a series of unexpected crises that will test more than their scientific acumen.

Four women, from all corners of the globe work at The International, an exclusive massage parlor in Washington, D.C., run by the Croatian mob, which caters to politicians, diplomats, the government and the glob-trotting elite. It’s Summer’s first day on the job, and she gets more than she bargained for – ***, drugs and guns for hire. A stand-alone feature version is also available. *** & THE CITY meets THE SOPRANOS.

Mark McSherry is the showrunner for STEALTH, a popular cable TV series about super-spy Dart Craven and sexist shenanigans that would make James Bond blush. But when the network forces him to work with a female writer in order to make the show more ‘woman friendly,’ hilarity ensues.

It’s a young Russian immigrant girl’s first day at Club *******, a high-end gentlemen’s club in Manhattan. We follow her as she learns to deal with the customers, the other girls, and taking her clothes off in public for the first time. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, the mob-run outfit is a cover for white slave traffickers. *** & THE CITY meets SHOWGIRLS.

Logline confidential. In development with executive producer Vince Gerardis. (GAME OF THRONES, RED MARS).

At the dawn of creation, the Anunnaki, an alien race from the planet Tiberu, gives mankind civilization and shapes their future for generations to come.


When a ********, a **** star and ****** witness the ****** of a tech billionaire, they must go on the run, find the killer and clear their names.

In this take-off of FERRIS BUELLER’S DAY OFF, George Dubya decides to play hooky from his duties at the White House. He parties with this drug connection Rush Limbaugh, and his pot dealer Dennis Miller. But when the terrorists attack again, things get a little crazy, and he has to call his parents for help.

In this spoof of BEING JOHN MALKOVICH, a struggling actor finds a portal into Kevin Spacey’s brain, where he suddenly appears in various scenes from his films. He uses this gift to try and get Melissa Joan Hart, the girl of his dreams.

In this parody of THE SIXTH SENSE, a young boy sees grown-up versions of child actors, now hideous and deformed, and goes on a never-ending series of plot twists until the story collapses.

That Killing Feeling -



CAPPUCINO, co-producer, winner, Gordon Parks award.

A NEW TOMORROW, screenwriter, winner, audience award, Seattle True Independent Film Festival.


AMERICAN KARMA, rewrite, preproduction, spring, 2019.

BAD CAT, Anime Istanbul, ‘adapted by’ English subtitles rewrite.

RIDGEWAY, original series pilot, currently out to networks with director Michael Simon (SURVIVOR, JIMMY KIMMEL) and actress Joanna Cassidy (BLADE RUNNER, WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT, SIX FEET UNDER) attached.
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