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Scott Chunko

Freelance Portrait Artist & Drawer

Location:Washington, Pennsylvania, United States
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Hello I am the owner of Picture This Fine Art. For most of my life art was my inner demon, a dragon I couldn't slay, a reminder of my inadequacies. I avoided her like the plague and she became a distant thought, but time is a funny thing, and life even funnier. Eventually, she found her way back into my life...and here we are. No formal education doesn't necessarily mean no future. I am new to this as I just began last year and am still trying to find myself, and my style, but I will begin branching out in the near future to other mediums.
Long ago, drawing was the stranger that I walked past each day...then the friend with words of encouragement...and now we happily get lost together, leaving our marks on the world one fine line at a time. I feel as though I have found buried treasure within myself and would like to share it with people.
Here at "Picture This" I take my love of the "Old Masters" and try to incorporate their spirit into each portrait I draw. I try to emphasize all the subtleties without getting overwhelmed with unnecessary detail, which I think gives my art a "softness" that truly captures the "soul" of the subject. I specialize in monochromatic works done by me "in-house" at my studio in Pennsylvania.
I feel that everyone should be afforded the chance to own fine art without the burden of an over inflated price tag. I is not a machine that duplicates. I form a relationship with the subjects as I work. Every picture speaks and I feel an overwhelming responsibility to hear what they say. If I am not pleased, I start over, and I will continue to do so until my interpretation is perfect. I offer high quality, personalized work for the person who has everything, as well as those that don't.
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