Enrique Molano

Freelance Audio Editor & Music Producer

Location:Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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Over the last eleven years I have been involved in teaching, producing, performing and composing activities. These occupations have all required a solid practical and theoretical knowledge of sound and music production technology and processes.
Since I completed my initial music studies (in 2001), my priorities have been on acquiring knowledge of new tools and emerging technologies, implementing new audio production techniques and the generation of new creative ideas.
Below, I have summarised those key element which I believe will assist you in evaluating my candidacy:
• Eleven years of experience as a stage musician, composer and arranger.
• Ten years of experience in sound design, audio production and post-production, and film and TV music composition.
• Recipient of a professional diploma as musician with emphasis in sound engineering, production and composition, and a Master Degree in Audio Production.
• Six years experience in teaching at various universities and art /music academies, specialising in the technical and conceptual audio aspects of music and film production.
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Audio Editing
Music Production