Motion Factory

Freelance Advertising Videographer & Commercial Videographer

Location:Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Phone: 0457342620
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Motion Factory is the result of two individual’s passion for telling stories via motion picture. The company’s founders, Chris Thomson and Travis James Annabel have a long history of involvement in a wide range of media in Australia, and developed Motion Factory to take their passion even further.

Having met while working together for Express Media Group on one of Australia’s largest motoring brands, Australian 4WD Action, Chris and Travis’ professional relationship grew quickly, and together they rose quickly through the ranks of Express Media Group. Within three years, Chris had become the head of the EMG video department, and the lead producer/director of the highly popular Australian 4WD Action television series, which was distributed online and via DVD. Within that time, Travis also rose to become the Editor of Australian 4WD Action magazine, as well as one of the key commercial script-writers and presenters. They have also been involved in numerous TV and film projects, and continue to develop content for TV, film and web.
The passion they showed for their work was evident in everything they did, and led to them developing a great amount of respect within the media industry.
Yearning to tell more and more stories through film and video, Chris and Travis chose to develop their own company so they could expand the media canvas upon which they could create.