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Frederick Hodges
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Summary - 1
I worked in the bindery section of the printing plant and my professional background Duties and my work duties,Includes,examining,inspecting,securing,wrapping,packaging and cartoning of security,sensitive and vital forms and Documents for the federal government agencies and the federal government Departments.
and I stock and store the supplies and the materials for my work section and I clean and secure the work stations in the bindery section.
Summary - 2
I worked in the maintenance section of the health care facility and my professional background Duties,Included,major and minor repairs to the heat pumps,electrical,plumbing,
carpentry,masonary,ceiling tiles,floor tiles,ceramic tiles,Drywall,Painting,Light fixtures,Filter replacement,wall paper,sinks,comodes,doors,windows,locks,hinges,station monitors.
Summary - 3
I worked in the food catering and the concession stand section and my Job title and my background was a concession stand worker, pizza maker, kitchen helper,stock person,ja
nitorial worker and concession stand setups and I was later hired for a job position as a packer with the Dept of the treasurer at the bureau of engraving and printing and I resigned
from the current position as a concession stand worker at the walter E. Washington convention center.
Summary - 4
I worked in the kitchen and my Job title and my background Duties was a Dishwasher and a janitor at the restaurant.
Summary - 5
I worked as a security guard and my job Duties and my background was to secure and to guard the properties and the grounds of the goverment buildings and the private buildings
to protect and to safeguard the construction materials and the building materials and the riding equipment and the power tools from being stolen from the properties by thieves
and criminals.
Summary - 6
I worked as a tire mechanic and my job Duties and my background was replacing and repairing tires,stock clerk,janitorial worker and grounds keeper.
Summary - 7
I worked as a maintenance worker/janitor/grounds keeper and my job Duties and my background Duties was major and minor repairs to the kitchen and the cabins,cleaning
and trash disposal,the disposal of trash and leaves from the properties and the grounds.
Highlights - 1
ink colors and ink tones,graphic and Design,paper grades and paper textures.
operate electric pallet jackes,operate computer scanning systems,operate electric power lifts
Highlights - 2
Hand tools and Power tools,Hand carts,Hand trucks
Highlights- 3
hand carts,hand truck
Highlights -4
hand mops,hand brooms and dust pans
Highlights - 5
communication radios,black jacks,flash lights, free of firearms and free of weapons
Highlights - 6
high power air guns, tire machines,balance machines,air tanks and hand tools
Highlights - 7
power tools,hand tools,hand trucks,dollies,ladders and power lifts
Experience - 1
January 1990 to Current
the bureau of engraving and printing, Washington, the District of Columbia,Job titles,security processor and packer and I been employed and working at the Department of the tre
asurer,bureau of engraving and printing for twenty-three years and I am currently working at this same federal government facility at this time.
June 1989 to November 1989
The walter E. washington convention center in washington,the District of Columbia,Job title,concession stand worker for six months at the current position.
Experience - 3
November 1983 to November 1988
the camolot hall nursing home,arlington,virginia,Job titles,maintenance helper for two years and I was promoted to maintenance assistance for three years at this same
health care facility for the remainder of my time.
Experience - 4
May 1988 to October 1988
Zeds bar and grill with singers and with bands and with live entertainment and live performances in the restaurant in Alexandria,virginia.,the common wealth state of Virginia.
Experience - 5
july 1982 to November 1982
Pinkerton security services in Washington,the District of Columbia and my job title was a security guard for government and commercial buildings.
Experience - 6
1978 to 1982
Jimmy's tire shop in Washington,the district of Columbia and my job title was a tire mechanic at the tire shop.
Experience - 7
The girl scout council of the nations capital in Washington,the District of Columbia and my job title was a maintenance worker/janitor/grounds keeper
1982 ballou senior high school, Washington, the District of Columbia, awards or certificates,
High School Diploma,
Im a high school graduate and I have never attend any college.

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Frederick hodges
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