Chy Walton

Freelance Artist & Illustrator

Location:Miami, Florida, United States
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Welcome to Mitroopers Inc. My name is ChyTea and for many years I have been cultivating my skills in art and design, as well as their history and development. Both famous and unknown artists have inspired me to begin on the path of creativity and further develop my skills. Through the years I've incorporated popular techniques and improved upon some to develop my own style.

Some of my work centers upon self-expression, while other pieces reflect reactions and feelings. I have the ability to paint, sculpt, and design projects tailored to specific needs and wants. Additionally, I create concepts and build strategies for visual communications for business, organizations and individuals.

The Mitrooper represents the fighting spirit in everyone who has been a “trooper” at some point in life. We all have stood strong through hard time and good times. Mi stands for me, and trooper is within you. The Mitrooper is a protective soul, guarding each individual and the universe. Mitrooper gives hope to the hopeless, courage to the doubtful, and and strength to the weak. At the end of each tunnel there is a light. Stay positive. Stay humble.

Mitroopers are all around the city reminding you to stay strong because you are a Trooper too.
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