Julian Pechacek

Freelance Embedded Systems Programmer & Android Programmer

Location:San Antonio, Texas, United States
2 Skills
My objective is to find an employer with viable business goals that needs an engineer with proven experience, to develop and support firmware without close direct supervision.
I have 20 years experience with embedded system development. I have maintained product supported and resolved technical issues with legacy firmware. I am trained to translate customer needs into a feasible design with minimal development cycle time.
Product Development-
I began as an electronic technician troubleshooting and repairing Intel 80188 embedded systems and IO boards. I wrote software in assembly language to handle boot-up, interrupt vectors, peripheral initialization, and board test.

As a firmware engineer, I used the Keil (mixed assembly & C) compiler to develop for Intel 8051 core architectures. I designed a micro controller module to use for a family of embedded products. I also developed firmware using the R2000 and R3000, Z180 based microprocessors, implementing µC/OS-II. There was a mix of applications heavily dependent on RS232, RS485, and ethernet TCP communications. Recently I completed an Android wireless application using Visual Studio 2017 C#.

As a PCB designer, I drafted schematics, then created footprints and performed board layout, for a custom PCB assembly. I wrote firmware for my own PCB designs.
Product Support-
I earned a reputation for resolving complicated issues quickly. I have experience developing electronic tests and quality assurance procedures. I developed desktop applications to support PC interface for diagnostics and configuration of the embedded product.

Android Wireless Application.
C# Desktop Application to control Toshiba VFD.
Networking instrumentation both RS-485 and Ethernet.
PLC, HMI Programming, and instrument configuration.
Commissioned instrumentation for a VFD drilling rig.
Commissioned controls for paralleling diesel generators.
PLC system for a 16 pump electric fracturing fleet.
Consulted software team to develop C code for Modbus Protocol.
Supported Siemens S700 PLC for instrumentation.
Wireless networking via Cisco router to rig sever computer.
Cat Engine Diagnostics Ethernet Monitoring.
Calculated block travel using encoder mounted to draw works.
Design data acquisition electronics for drilling rig instrumentation.
Implemented a Z-80 micro-processor module.
Supported legacy Z-80 firmware and hardware.
Provided field in-house and field service support.
I designed a serial to Ethernet gateway for a PBX phone system.
Supervised 7 employees.
Micro-processor designs for data acquisition inside EMC chamber.
Resolve technical issues which arise at the manufacturing site.
Coordinated with the owner to determine new products.
Coordinated with the purchasing agent for cost reduction opportunities.
Coordinate drawings and specifications with outside machine shops.

Micro-Processor Product Features
Z-80 Dynamic C compiler, UCOSII and TCP/IP development library
Serial Console Interface to configure IP Address .
Flash Storage of custom parameters.
Simultaneous Ethernet-serial and Modem-serial connections.
Designed firmware and electronics for fan speed control and monitoring for a cooling cabinet. The cabinet is to house base station electronics for 3rd generation cell phone technology. Completed the project in 4 months.
Equipment Commissioned-
600V 750hp & 1150hp motors VFD drilling rigs.
600V 1750hp gas-turbine powered pumps.
480V & 600V Diesel engine generators.
Driller cabin and drilling rig controls.
PLC programs for process control of natural gas compression.
Programmed Industrial computer with multi-tasking OS for data acquisition.
Start-up and Shutdown for sequencing control of engine.
Implemented communications using Dial-up modem and pager alarms.
Provided automatic compressor loading and engine speed control.
Transmitting audio, video, and serial data via fiber optic cable.
Custom keypad that emulated a PC-AT keyboard.
Ni-MH battery pack with charger circuits.
8051-based DC motor driven positioning device.
Industrial computer for data acquisition.
Fabricated custom PC-XT ISA bus cards.
Shielded electronic enclosures.

Wrote VB6 desktop software for remote monitoring and control.
Configuring Windows and NT OS, network, Internet access, email setup.
Provided documentation to help the customer understand his needs.
Cryopump control for semiconductor manufacture process.
Level control for road grader blade.

While attending college.
General component level PCB repair.
Repaired RF amplifiers, discrete transistor signal processing circuits.
Prototyped a wire winding device employing a stepper motor.
Repaired Oscilloscopes and video monitors.
Machined parts with mill and hand tools.

Component level testing and repair of manufactured circuit assemblies.
Developed automated circuit board testing.
Built test fixtures and wrote procedures for product testing.
Diagnostics firmware for an Intel 80188 embedded system.
Assembly language for Intel 80188 embedded system.
Provided a PC user interface for an embedded system.
Extensive work with EPROM, EPLD, analog multiplexers, triacs, AD, DA.
Diagnostic tools used: Microprocessor emulators, PC digital I/O and analog interface boards, Oscilloscope.

I was responsible for mass production of circuit boards.
Serviced hydraulic and pneumatic equipment.
Supervised temporary hires for production work.
Worked in treater tower and chemical bath departments.

BS Mechanical Engineering Texas A&M 08/1997
Institute of Electronic Science Texas A&M 08/1988
BS Economics Texas A&M 09/1984
List of Skills
Working knowledge of DOS, Windows, and Linux.
Proficient with Word, Excel, Outlook, and LibreOffice.
Computer Networking skills.
Program Languages C, C++, C#, VB, assembler.
Electronic courses in Digital Logic, Transistors, Op Amps.
O-Scope to trigger, capture, and store signals.
CUPL language for EPLD design for bus decoding and peripheral control.
Schematic Capture and PCB Layout Design.
Authored CAD drawings of machined, molded, and formed parts.
Layouts for panel wiring, machining, and silk-screening.
Communications protocols for machine control.
PLC and HMI programming.
Knowledge of the formal process of Design.

Software Engineer 12/2016–present
EJ Ward
8801 Tradeway http://ejward.com/
San Antonio, TX 770158
ph (210)824-7383
Software Engineer 1/2007–7/2016
Stewart & Stevenson
601 West 38th Street http://www.stewartandstevenson.com/
Houston, TX 770158
ph (713)884-4115
Software Project Manager 5/2006 – 1/2007
Epoch Well Services
12707 N Freeway http://www.nabors.com/home
Suite 500
Houston, TX 77060
Firmware/Hardware Designer 4/2002 – 5/2006
Petron Industries
8700 Brittmoore Rd http://www.pasonusa.com/
Houston, TX 77840
Firmware/Hardware Designer 2/2001 – 2/2002
Paragon Innovations
2100 10th Street Suite 100 http://www.paragoninnovations.com/
Plano, TX 75074-8016
ph (972) 265-6000
Firmware/Hardware Designer 12/2000 – 2/2001
1200 Lakeside Parkway Ste 200 http://www.thermotekusa.com/about_us.php
Flower Mound, Tx 75028
Controls Programmer 12/1999 – 12/2000
Altronic Controls
1410 North First ST http://www.altronic-llc.com/index.html
Garland TX 75040
(972) 494-0522

R&D Engineering Supervisor 2/1998 – 12/1999
TDK RF Solutions Inc.
1101 Cypress Creek Rd http://tdkrfsolutions.com/
Cedar Park TX 78613
ph (512) 258-9478

Firmware/Software Developer 9/1997 - 2/1998
Contractor Austin, TX
Electronic Technician 9/1993 – 8/1995
Cyclotron Institute College Station, TX
Electronic Technician 7/1989 – 8/1993
OI Analytical College Station, TX
Manufacturing Technician 8/1988 – 7/1989
IBM Corp Austin, TX