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Freelance Illustrator & Digital Artist

Location:Singapore, Singapore
Phone: 96983014
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THE ART OF Dreadjim

Expert Illustrator/Designer. Lecturer in Mages Institute in: Illustration, Concept Art, Matte Painting, Character/Creature Designs and environment art for the Games and Film Industry.

Associate of art in Illustration at Academy of Art, San Francisco.
Bachelor of science in fine arts at Aspen University, Colorado.
Diploma in Digital Media Design at NYP,Singspore.

10+ years of experience creating artworks of every need and style for various small to big brands.

Expert Trainer in Photoshop, Basic Drawing and Digital Painting.For Online tutoring please visit my website for more details, you can also purchase Gumroad videos at

Now available for commissions and projects, do msg me if you have something in mind.
My style is once committed with half payment by Paypal, i will draft out sketches for approval, following that progress from there from finalizing artwork to painting in tones, lights and effects.

Hi Everyone here, thanks for liking my work, i really dig all your stuff as well!~ Cheers to all the Freelancers! do add me up or like me on FB to keep in contact as well!:)

Below is my detailed Resume:

DREADJIM aka Jimmy Ling

Art Director/Concept Artist

Traits: Results-Oriented, Committed, Personable and Highly Dynamic.


To continuously improve and to provide the best creative work, and to be committed to strive for efficient delivery of all artworks. To impart all knowledge and skills to the future generation with passion.


Over the past 7 years, i have come from a humble background freelancing in design and artworks, to joining an Ad agency TNBT where i gained strong foundations as an Art Director in commercial graphics and artworks for industrial projects and companies including but not limited to Millenium Hotels, Mitsubishi, Svensons’, Marie France Ministry of Transport and many others. Following that I created my own studio to create artworks for many clients including Singtel, Singpost, Fancl, HSA, Media Development Authority of Singapore, IDA and many others over this time frame. Whilst working on my projects over the years i have directed the art and marketing ideas of many companies in various sectors such as the recruitment and FNB industry including Horizon recruitment and Alcova. Aside from my commercial achievements i have also collaborated, worked with many concept art companies in their development such as Dungeons and Dragons, Envisage Reality, Nexgen, and more.

Currently i am committed to imparting the skills over these past years which i have perfected to the next generation. I have had my hand in teaching from 5 years ago when i started workshop series of Drawing Basics, to freelancing in various education companies such as Janus Education, to finally start part time lecturing in Mages Institute where i co-start the curriculum and administered the classes and in Certificate of Game Design which spans over 6 months.

Proficient Skills

- Digital 2D Illustrations and Concept Art

- Matte Painting

- Commercial Artworks

- Graphic Design

- Character Designs and Concept Art

- Game Design Concept and Theories

- Writing and Scriptwriting

- Directing and Acting

- Photography


- Extensive knowledge in games/games design/digital painting and illustration

- Graphic/Video: Adobe Photoshop CS5, Illustrater CS5, Premiere 6, Corel Painter IX

- 3D: Discreet3D Studio Max, Alias Maya

- Development: Macromedia Flash MX, Director MX, Dreamweaver MX

- Sound: SonicFoundry Sound Forge

- Vicon Mocap system, real-time and workstation programs.

Industry Experience and Client list over the past 7 years

Clients and related work includes and is not limited to:

Singtel (Story boards/ Graphic designs)

Singapore Gamers’ Association ( SGGA) (Concept Art and Illustrations)

Singpost (Marketing collaterals)

Dungeons & Dragons art book series (Concept Art and Illustrations)

Media Development Authority of Singapore (Marketing collaterals)

Fancl (Product Packaging Designs)

Time Magazine (Concept Art and Illustrations/Line arts)

Health Science Authority of Singapore (Visual collaterals)

Poh Tian Jewellery ( Venue 3D illustrations)

Marie France (Marketing collaterals/Graphic Design)

DSTA ( 3D models and textures)

G-Gadget (Pixel art and game assets)

Vivocity (Marketing collaterals)

Envisage Reality (Concept Art and Illustrations)

Svensons (Marketing collaterals/Graphic Design)

Mitsubishi (Storyboards)

TNBT (Marketing collaterals/Graphic Design/Art Direction)

Muse Boutique (Marketing collaterals/Graphic Design)

Alcova Restaurant (Marketing collaterals/Graphic Design/Art Direction)

Horizon Recruitment (Marketing collaterals/Website design)

Camelot Hobbies (Concept Art and Illustrations)

Dragon Brand Birdnest (Package Designs)

Nexgen Pte Ltd (Concept Art and Illustrations)

and more...

Awards and Accolades includes:

Orchard Central - Art exhibited in 2011 (currently)

Artworks exhibited at Cineleisure 2009 for Tactics Anthem Game

Artworks exhibited at Cineleisure in 2011, MAGES League of Legends Tournament

Artworks exhibited at Game Convention Asia 2008

Deviation of the day award in 2005

SGGA featured artworks in website and venues Scholarship in 2011 (TAD, the best concept art and digital painting school)

ImagineFX Magazine Featured Artwork 2006

Some sample details of works in the industry as follow:


MAGES Institute of Excellence

Title held: Part-time Lecturer/ Workshop Conductor


Create new curriculum and support the basic one with new material

Create art workshops of beginner and intermediate level

Support and carry out the Certificate courses

Support the Academic board with content

Create artworks for use in the School’s system( website, marketing collaterals etc)

Marking and of the exams under Mages Institute

Conducted successful certificate courses with examinations conducted over a 5 month period of various topics to beginner students who do not have art background, nor technical expertise in computer.

Art Invigilator for the Certification exams prior.


“Jimmy is a rare talent that excels in visual designs and project management. Student's love his passion and down-to-earth working attitude. He is committed to delivering his best and consistently strive to extend his creative skills. I will definitely recommend Jimmy for any creative campaigns and illustrative designs.” May 29, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Christopher Soh, hired Jimmy aka Shino as a Lecturer in 2011, and hired Jimmy aka Shino more than once

Fashion Q

Title held: Freelance Art Director


Responsible for direction of this upcoming high-end branded fashion boutique Designs,website and marketing materials.

Conceptualizing, Production, Post-Production to delivery

Advisor of marketing strategy with art and style direction

Several concept artwork commissions by private clients, some of game companies and some for art books.


TNBT Advertising

Title held: Art Director/FA Artist/Illustrator for 1 year.


Training designers in their delivery and management of the accounts

Creating draft concepts for the designers to follow up with

Conceptualizing, Production, Post-Production to delivery

Graphics, products packaging design and concept development.

Responsibilities include creating constant flow of creative ideas, concept art, storyboards, and also finished artworks for the company.

Dreadjim Studio

Title held: Art director and Founder


Launched the official website

Creating draft concepts for the designers to follow through

Meeting and handling clients

Conceptualizing, Production, Post-Production to delivery

Graphics, products packaging design and concept development.

Corporate branding

Some collaborations under Dreadjim Studio

Partnered and art-directed alongside Zed Factors Design firm to complete work on several brands and projects such as Dragon Brand product design, Horizon’s Website Visual layout and design,Poh Tian’s Exhibition 3d Visuals and layout for new product launch, Singpost Events collaterals, E-commerce sites, Ecclectic Closet and more etc...

Private Tutored students on basic drawing and concept art creation/illustration.


Freelance Art director for Alcova


Handling and meeting clients

Conceptualizing, Production, Post-Production to delivery

Web Design, 2D and 3D modeling/ animation, Video shooting and editing, Motion

Graphics, products packaging design and concept development.

Managing events and exhibitions

Corporate Brandings/ IPOs

Created all promotional artworks,photography, posters, and graphics designs for Alcova, planning concept and special events for the brand.

Created key concepts with marketing team to success in the CBD area.

Created many high profile commercial art collaterals for international guest stars such as Tamara Sky and more.

Photography commisioned work for several clients, including event photography, food and location photography.


“Jimmy has over the past few years delivered more than expected, created many creative campaigns and has achieved results with our high level concept restaurant/bar fusion. He has directed the designs with other companies for our ideas and is able to outshine/communicate his ideas easily. He is also very patient and has a spirit to share. Committed, outstanding and i would definitely recommend Jimmy to any creative campaigns and prospects.” May 29, 2011

Top qualities: Motivator, Expert, Dynamic

Sharon Tang, Managing Director of Alcova


Sole Artist for Tactics Anthem for the 2nd Deck running(pulblished) - created almost 80-100 card artworks and collaborated with Asterisk House Designs for the card layouts. Featured to the public in exhibition at GCA 2008.

New cartoon based card game illustrations for a client, Concept art and illustrations for overseas Game books and libraries.

HSA ~ Commissioned to create media collaterals for HSA.

Sushi Don and Cream bistro ~ Created several design collaterals and features.

E-Mono Events ~ Created event site layouts and visuals.


Camelot Hobbies and MDA

Sold many usage rights to my creations and also created several all the artworks, for Camelot Hobbies' new card game, the Tactics Anthem. The First Deck is based on Dragon Knights and warriors, magic spells and effects.

SGGA (Singapore Gaming Association) also bought many usage rights for my individual artworks for their website and projects uses.

Singapore Armed Forces MP Division Art Dept

Created many artworks for use in SAF MP unit, including the Futuristic Mp Soldier, which involved photo manipulation, creative army vision, SAF events posters and banners like Ironman.


Singapore Gamers Association(SGGA)

Commissioned as an Artist and Designer for a card game which is to be released in several countries. Sold usage rights for two of my illustrations to be used in SGGA future works,namely Voosha the Warrior King,Vampire Wars:Zephyon.

Sold usage rights of my illustrations to be used in SGGA future works

Amaran Club: Poster Designer

Designed series of collaterals for special events

Nexgen Pte Ltd: Fantasy character illustrations

Sold usage rights for characters of elven similarities,Elven archer and Dark Elm warrior. Modified and improved the works for presentation and concept artwork for Nexgen. Created storyboards.

Times: Freelance artist/Colorist

Provided coloring services in photoshop with lineart by another artist, for children's books.

Ang Mo Kio Secondary School: 5-session Drawing and Painting Workshop conducter/Lecturer

Conducted a specialized workshop for secondary students in Ang Mo Kio Secondary School after being approached by the latter's art teacher. This series of workshop introduce and teaches the students the elementary concepts drawing the basic anatomy,designing their own characters and finally painting digitally with some knowledge of tones and lighting.

Envisage Reality: Freelance character designer and concept artist (Feb 2005-Dec 2005)

Provided conceptual drawings and the design of certain main characters for Envisage Reality's Immortals:the Heavenly Sage, the game envisioned by Robin Tan, an experienced game developer and programmer. Brainstormed with the team over details and story, script and characters. Immortals is a 3d action game filled with chinese lore and mythology and explosive martial arts.

Janus Education Pte ltd: Freelance Illustration and drawing assistant instructor (2005)

Taught many elementary kids the basics of drawing and illustrating their very own books in this unique program pioneered by Janus Education.

(2004 -2005)

Commissioned for several concept art drafts for usage in pre-production WIP games by Mr Freyer.

Created several pieces to set the mood and tone of an experimental WIP internet game. These include the Barbarian, jungle kings and creature archetypes.

G-Gadget Pte ltd: Industrial attachment student

Pixel Art training. Pixel art characters and background artwork. Operation of Maya 5 and 3d work for a confidential japanese commercial strategic-military game. Full awareness of the operation and systems of one of the leading game developing companies. Learnt workflow and methods of working in the console gaming industry.

DSTA (Defense Science and Technology Agency): 3D artist and Mod developer for Operation Flashpoint Singapore (April - June 2004)

Under a very tight schedule and deadline, assets and terrain was created for sinapore's army simulation training tool using Operation flashpoint engine from Bohemia interactive.

Bachelor of Science in Fine Arts in Entertainment Design,
Aspen University


Associate of art at Academy of Art University,

San Francisco, in Associate of Art Degree (Illustration)


Diploma in Digital Media Design

Specializing in Games Design

(Nanyang Polytechnic of Singapore)


GCE 'O' Level certificate

(Chestnut Drive Secondary School)


English: Spoken (9/10)- Written (8.5/10)

Mandarin: Spoken (8/10)- Written (5/10)




Ms Teo Chor Guan (Manager of SDN)

Mr Chris Soh of Mda, SGGA's President

Ms Irene Lian, HRZ, PureSearch Services Director

Ms Sharon Tang, Fashion Q Director

Mr Ravi Kant Bahl, Director of Mages Institute
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