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Corey L'Esperance

Freelance Videographer & Video Producer

Location:Pennsylvania, United States
Phone: 1-716-467-7852
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Corey Jussila L’Esperance

Producer, Director, Director of Photography 1-716- 467-7852

B.A. in Film and Media Arts. Temple University, Philadelphia, PA. Graduated *** Laude. Honors Production Track.

Skills/ Knowledge Base

• Progressive work in lighting production and color correcting.
• Hands on experience with 35mm, 16mm, DV, DSLR, and HD Cameras.
• Adept with Steadicam and dolly rigs.
• Advanced work with Final Cut Studio and Adobe Premiere.
• Proficient organizational skills.
• Enthusiastic team player.
• Extremely competent in written reports and document creation.
• Experience in the process of producing in pre-production, production, and post production as well as a solid understanding of the Gorilla Production Software.
• Innovative and creative when dealing with video media concepts and development

Film and Video Productions

Crood, c. 2011, DSLR HD Horror/Thriller, 30:00
Role: Director, Producer, Camera Operator
In Pre-Production

Another Life, c 2011, DSLR HD Music Video, 3:00
Role: Director, Director of Photography
Band: Bruce Torres
In Pre-production

Indifference, c. 2011, DSLR HD Dark Drama, 14:00
Role: Writer/Producer/ Director/ Colorist.
Invited: Turku Film Festival Finland, South Street Screening Philadelphia PA

Heroes & Fairies, c. 2011, HD Drama, 15:00
Role: Director of Photography

Cheap Seats: Making Music, c. 2011, HD Documentary, 7:00
Role: Camera Operator

Rolling Grind, c. 2010, HD Experimental, 2:00
Role: Director, Camera Operator, Editor
Diamond Screen Nominated: Best Experimental/ Animation

The Hysteric Dynamic, c. 2010, HD Drama, 30:00. Role: Producer. In charge of Budget, Location Scouting, and Script Breakdown.

The Tyranny of Art, c 2010, HD Drama, 17:00
Role: Producer. In charge of Script Breakdown, Location Scouting, Budget, Location Layout.

W.O.W, c. 2010, HD Documentary, 5:00
Role: Director/Camera/Editor

Cull, c. 2010, HD Dark Drama, 5:00
Role: Director of Photography, Steadicam Operator/ Colorist

The Last Letter, c. 2009, 16mm Narrative, 4:00
Role: Director/ Camera Operator/ Lighting

The Wig Report, c. 2008, Weekly Web episodes. Six Episodes, 4:00 Each
Role: P.A./ Editor/ Assistant Camera/ Intern
“Skai Blue Media” Public Relations Company

Heavens Gate, c. 2008, archival footage experimental, 4:60
Role: Director, Editor
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Video Production