Eduardo Irlanda

Freelance 3D Animator, Animator, & More

Location:San Juan, Puerto Rico
4 Skills
I'm the Lead Animator at Teux Arts Inc. Puerto Rico.
The most important thing about animating is to tell a story. I firmly believe that in my animations lies a story about not only how a character moves and acts but also how they feel. Ultimately, through appealing and interesting choices in poses and manipulation of the rig, the audience can connect on a deep emotion level with these animated characters. I will work for you and with you. As a strong team player I will tell your story and I will animate every scene with the utmost attention to detail.

Currently working on our next big project in Puerto Rico, in May we will be presenting our game at the biggest convention of video game culture, Comic Con.

- Mastery in Autodesk Maya, Unreal engine 4 and Unity.
- Creation of realistic and cartoony animations for use in motion pictures,
Video games or short films.
- Manipulation of character rigs, objects, images, backgrounds, etc.
- Seamless integration of animations into game engines like Unreal engine.
- Proficient in camera work, staging, and special effects like sequencer, nparticles, nfluids,
Nvidia Physx, Cascade etc.
- Complete understanding of basic fundamentals, principles of animation and body mechanics.
- Every pose is treated like a sculpt for maximum blocking efficiency.
- Good perception of timing and rhythm.