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Judson Lowery

Freelance Creative Writer & Fiction Writer

Location:Mesa, Arizona, United States
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I am a senior at Arizona State University studying Creative Writing with an emphasis in poetry. I'm 22 years old and have been writing poems seriously for the last six years. It is my passion and one of my means of expression. My poetry can be described as minimalist usually and sometimes confessionalist. I tend to write poems that are no shorter than three stanzas and no longer than about seven or eight, but there have been exceptions. Lately I have been writing some short stories and have found that I am quite passionate about them. Having grown accustomed to getting an idea out in a short way has left me pushing myself to be more descriptive and elegant in my fiction/short stories. I have also been playing guitar and writing songs for the last 3 years. I've found that mixing my poetry and song writing makes for interesting lyrics. As of late. As far as article writing, I have written a couple articles for the University newspaper.

Below is a link to my blog. It contains mostly poems along with the lyrics to a few songs I have written. You can also see the start to some fiction pieces I am working on:
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