Freelance Cartoonist & Children's Book Illustrator

Location:Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
2 Skills
Hello all,

I've been a freehand cartoonist since I could hold a pen in my hand! I enjoy creating greeting cards, artwork on clothes, writing children's short stories (currently unpublished) also illustrating them together with having completed small projects being painting on signage for a tree farm and children's play rooms.

My art is unique and one of a kind-there is nothing like it. My talent is natural and I use mainly pencil crayon, pens, pencil, felts, glitter glue, and paint. Technical training was in 1995 an animation course through Vancouver School of Film and Animation which was an interesting look at the process of creating cartoons and story boards.

I'm based in British Columbia, Canada and currently in process of developing my home site.

Kind regards.