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Juliet Taylor Hillbrand

Freelance Illustrator, Copywriter, & More

Location:Houston, Texas, United States
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Named Top Artist of 2019 by DESTIG Magazine and Top Writers in Texas - I've been Interviewed by over 50 times and just to name a few, personally interviewed by Studio Visit Magazine, Creativ Paper Magazine, Lovett Publishing, Art Qol, Art Bizarre, Woodlands Arts, as well as Art Reveal Magazine.

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I've worked with hundreds of clients and offer a satisfaction guarantee that you will be proud of the finished product and proud to call it yours. My work has been featured in a press release to The Wallstreet Journal, Yahoo, Business Insider, and 10,000+ galleries globally.

I've created hundreds of custom artworkss, originals and prints, and work with my clients on Graphic Design, Custom Art, Packaging, Web Design, KDP Publishing, Illustration, Package Design, Logo Design, Copy-Writing, Copy-Editing, Proof-Reading, Ghostwriting, Blog Writing SEO Optimization, Children's Book Illustrations, and much more.

I put my heart into everything I create and write and offer a satisfaction guarantee to my clients.

With a bachelors of Communications and Marketing from University of Houston with expert proficiency at Adobe Creative Suite (Proficient in Photoshop/ InDesign / & Illustrator) as well as studying abroad for French Language and a Minor of English/Creative Writing. I put SEO and Branding at the forefront of everything I do, with the mentality being due to my Agency background.

I am a passionate Creative Director with business background and experience in anything from editing books and resumes, illustrating children's books, filmography, to translating your French documents.

I want to help you create the project that YOU are envisioning, and execute YOUR concept, with my creative skills. I have the heart and talent, would love to talk more with you about this vision.

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