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Location:Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
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Hi my name is Anna and I have been working as a sales (and later as a marketing) pro for the last 14 years of my life.
I love it as when the sales process is done correctly you actually get to close the customer on a product/service/donation that he/she needs.
As throughout the years I had presented my business to numerous customers - while using all means of presentation aid, I had actually developed a high sense of ability to produce very beautiful, aesthethic, clean and efficient powerpoint presentations.
Yes I can also use Emaze. Prezi and other means of presenting. However lately I keep discovering just how much Microsoft is investing in improving its visuals and ease of use and so I just keep producing it on Powerpoint (without the client ever realizing from just looking at it).
And anyhow - by the end of the day - it is the easiest to share and edit at home, and anyway most people just use ppt or keynote.
I am fluent in 3 languages (and so are my presentations and sales scripts) - Which are English, Russian and Hebrew. And I can also make, design and edit presentations in Spanish and French.
I take pride in my excellent customer service and in the final products that ALWAYS go beyond just plain design. My goal is to produce a great CLOSING presentation. And though looks are important - I make sure to add that special touch to make each presentation be memorable and effective.

So I'll be happy to help you out with making your Sales presentation into a handsome closing piece of art.

Oh and I am also a graduate of a Global MBA from an elite college, with managerial experience. So I'm no stranger to Business writing, Business plans, Sales Scripts, Social Marketing and etc

Oh #2 - I also have a successful Amazon business and I help people develop their own businesses in this amazing platform of success.

For more activities and experience you can visit my LinkedIn profile "Anna Mazarsky"

Here's to your success