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Mark Dorey

Freelance Sculptor & Cartoonist

Location:Port Elgin, Ontario, Canada
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I am a master carver of 29 years experience, specializing in moose, deer, caribou, and reindeer antler. I am also an expert stone cutter working in Steatite and Alabaster. I prefer to work from memory/imagination but use photos as well for detailing references. I began as a native artist, collecting legends and stories and turning them into 3d sculptures. I spent 19 years researching my culture to be accurate and authentic. Along with the legends I also cut wildlife and human faces into the antler on request. My work is all over the world and among some pretty impressive collections. The Canadian Government owns several of my pieces and these are on display in different offices around the world, including the Canadian Embassy in Berlin. Quite a few celebs have my work in their own collections as well, including Christopher Plummer, and Carrie Fisher. Generally I can fill a commission within one month if I am not too booked. I love detail and am quite fussy about my finished products. I work almost strictly on commission these days. I always have antlers in stock and can facilitate most commissions. Some works can include more than one antler as well. If I am not at all busy, I can fill a commission within a few hours. My pricing is quite varied and cannot be generalized by the hr. I charge by the piece. A typical finished deer antler will cost from $150-$650, a set can range from $160 - $2500, Moose can range (depending on size and amount of work involved) from $250-$3800, a set ranges from $600-$11,000. The more antlers added to any single piece the more it will cost when finished. A single piece can have any number of antlers from any number of species I might have available. I use DROPPED antlers that the animals shed every year naturally. Here is a link to my You Tube vid:
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