Roisin Kelly

Freelance Illustrator & Animator

Location:Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
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Personal Profile:
I am a twenty-one-year-old student who just graduated with a Bachelor of Digital Design at Auckland University of Technology.
I am an excellent artist and designer and I work exceptionally fast and to an extremely high level of quality. I have experience in animation (2D and 3D), motion capture, modelling and sound design as well as basic game construction and website creation. I also know my way around a film set, from preproduction through to post.
I am very organized, disciplined, motivated and enthusiastic, as well as very creative and imaginative, and I never give less than my best. I am flexible and innovative, I learn very fast, and I am more than willing to try new things. I also have excellent people skills, and have a friendly and optimistic personality.
Work Experience:
• Animation and Sound design as part of a Virtual Reality project with both Imersia (A NZ based Virtual Reality company) and the American clothing company ‘Old Glory.’
• Supervising animator for the main character of a putative animated movie, ‘The Wild Cats of Piran.’
• Inbetweening animation for an advertisement for the American company ‘Bear Blend.’
• Promotional animation for the Optometrist company ‘Clarity 2020.’

Storyboarding, Concept Art and Illustration:
• Two months concept art, background art and animation for Flux Animation Studios.
• Concept art, 3D modelling and 3D texturing for Imersia.
• Jacket illustration for ‘Sunny Turner and the Deadly Bite’ by Libby Whittaker.
• Concept art, visual development and illustration for the company Ensoul.
• Conceptual / visual artist for a 3D platform currently under construction by Imersia.
• Character design, animation and promotional graphic design for the TV series ‘Mortal Gods’ by Girl Viking Productions. (Currently in development.)
• Concept art for NZ stop motion short film 'Halfway to Tomorrow.'
• Children's book illustration for author Jayemi Liao.
• Exhibitor at Chromacon 2017, Auckland.
• Exhibitor at the online gallery Curioos.
• Children's book illustration for author Simon Roots.
• Storyboarding and look development for a government pest control initiative ‘Spitfire.’
• Storyboarding for the NZ Short Film 'Amelia Speaking', by Sydney-anne Martin.
• Storyboarding and concept art for stop motion short ‘Water for Gold.’
• Storyboarding for web series ‘Pot Head.’
• Storyboarding, graphic design and art department work for NZ short film ‘Land of the Taniwha’ by Aidan Dickens.
• Title sequence, storyboarding and animation for a NZ children’s TV show, Reset, (Girl Viking Productions) which has just aired. I also worked on the set as part of the Art Department.
• Storyboarding and animation for Daniel Piper’s putative business “The Passion Arena.”
• Logo Design, Concept Art and Animation for the Independent Game ‘Astro Reflexion.’ (Out soon.)
Film Production:
• Art Director on set for the television show 'Journo', currently in development by Girl Viking Productions.
• Art Department on the children’s TV series Reset by Tanya M. Wheeler.
Graphic Design:
• Graphic design for Sonia Frimmel at
• Logo design for Belle’s Wish, a NZ hair and makeup company.
• Logo design for Cloak 'n Swagger, a NZ custom clothing line.
• Gif animation for Pead PR.
• Logo design for Whats The Story at
• Business Card redesign for NZ Virtual Reality company Imersia.
• Logo Design for Kathryn d'Laik.
• Design of diagrams and figures for a thesis by Dr Patrick Kelly FRACP.
• Design of diagrams and figures for a thesis by Dr Hussain Alyami.

• Various Painting commissions; 12 paid commissions so far, numerous unpaid
• Tattoo design for Robert Bisquera and Chantelle Cullen
Program Skills:
• Photoshop
• Adobe Flash
• Adobe Premiere Pro CC
• Adobe Illustrator
• Adobe After Effects
• Toon Boom
• Zbrush
• Maya
• Mudbox
• Pro Tools
• Audacity
• Sibelius
• All Microsoft Office.
Traditional Skills:
• Painting
• Drawing
• Sculpting
• Printmaking
• Dressmaking
I love going places with friends, seeing new things and meeting new people. In my spare time I enjoy creating art (painting, drawing, sculpting), sewing and writing. I am also deeply fascinated by linguistics, history and geology, all areas that enhance the world building I do for my creative projects. I am also a keen tramper, kayaker and swimmer, loving anything to do with the water. I have done Karate for 6 years.
• Carmel College 2007-2013
• Year 11, 12, 13 endorsed overall with excellence
• Year 11 English, History and Art endorsed with excellence
• Year 11 Music and Maths endorsed with merit
• 2011 end of year Academic Awards; Distinction in Art and English, Diligence award
• 2011, Diana Reeves Art Award
• 2012 year 13 Art History endorsed with Excellence
• 2012 end of year Academic Awards; Distinction in Religious Education, Visual Art, English, Music, Highly Recommended in History
• 2012 History, English, Art endorsed with Excellence
• 2012 Biology and music endorsed with merit
• 2012 Second highest Grade Point Average
• 2012 Top Scholars award
• 2012, Best Speaker award at Model United Nations Assembly
• 2013, Proxime Accessit Ad Ducem (second to Dux)
• 2013, the Old Girls Art Award
• 2013, the Larkin Cup for English
• 2013, 1st and distinction in History, Painting, and Music
• 2013, distinction in English, Classical Studies and Religious Education
• 2013, Service to the School award
• 2013, Top Scholars’ award
• 2013, AUT Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship
• 2013, Excellence endorsed in all individual subjects

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