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Alexa Szlavics

Freelance Digital Artist, Illustrator, & More

Location:Balatonfured, Veszprem, Hungary
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I develop static and dynamic digital artworks. I think, developing digital artworks is the newest way of fine art and advertising graphic design too. I have 30 years of experience as a graphic designer and digital artist. I use digital technics to develope unique modern artworks.The visual impression is completely original. My ultramodern artworks providing a completely new visual experience. I've been engaged in digital technics, oil painting, metal engraving, pencil drawing, and other art techniques.

I lived in Manhattan for a short period of time and 1987-1991 I lived in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. There I was a freelancer artist and graphic designer, a member of the Ontario Craft Council. Primarily I living in my own art studio, Uppland Balaton, Lake Balaton aera, Hungary. I performed assignments in the United States permanently. My recent artwork was published as cover art of Bourbon Penn Magazine, author Cognitive Wave Inc., Austin, Texas, USA. My digital artwork "Metatron cube" more than ten times was licensed for publication in the USA. In 2015 Felicia Rose: "Raise the Vibration" music CD album and visual communication was made by using my OM Fractal Mandala artwork. Publisher: Deep Elevation Music, West Palm Beach, Florida.

I looking for freelance jobs in USA.