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Location:Forest Hills, New York, United States
Phone: 347.330.7626
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Former big agency ACD/Copy and Hollyweird optioned-screenwriter-gun-for-hire for film scripts, TV, docs, comics, ad copy or discreet Ghostwriting. Extremely versatile, do my own research and deliver high-quality content on quick turnaround. Have written psychological thrillers, horror, science fiction, and crime/detective and comedy many with dark comedic undertones. The trailers featured below are derived from my feature script THE CHASM about extreme surveillance, Deep State MK ULTRA-like programs, Targeted Individuals (TI) and the rise of a counter narrative to the NWO agenda--written 5 years ago!--and based on a true story! Currently looking for a Conservative funding source for a low budget film production based on a script that is more relevant than ever! Hope to hear from somebody out there who see the writing on the wall! And no matter what, good luck to you all--we live in Exciting Times!