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My name is Amanda Polutanovich. I have my resume below this, but apart from those experiences, I would like to just share my background aside from a professional aspect.
Being a Cali girl, born and raised it has been my 22 years of experience to try and dive into everything backyard if you will. I love to travel and experience foods with love and excitement, just as I do with my writing. From the local streets of San Pedro taco shacks, to the best bread on the upper coast of San Luis Obispo, I have been there, and it would be even a more joy of a career to write about these amazing locations, and experiences.
As I am a West Coast gal, I know my way around Canada too. Being brought up in the summers of Sault Ste. Marie, Canada, I thrive in that small town environment, where no one knows of the best panzerottis, or most mouth watering Finnish bread you'd ever laid your mouth, on until I tell everyone about it. I am a multi-Cultural woman, that loves to travel, write, and do what I love best.

Amanda Polutanovich
824 Chelterham Circle * Thousand Oaks CA 91360 * Email: *805 300-0548

Skills in working with adults and children with disabilities. I love to work with people, I have the patience and the drive to really know what it's like to work with others with disabilities and enjoy working in that environment.

California Lutheran University- B.A. Degree Bachelor of English 2011. Overall GPA 3.175
Moorpark Community College- A.A. Degree in Liberal Arts. 2007-2009

(B.R.I.A.) Behavior Respite In Action (October 2008- Present)
Work closely with children with autism, work on their social, personal, and eating skills while parents had available respite, skilled at controlling spontaneous and unusual behavior and sub-doing and calming down the client.
Certified in CPR.
California Lutheran University (September 2009-January 2010)
Professors Painting Assistant
Processed paper work, researched information, flexible schedule, instructed class when Professor was absent.
Ladies Workout Express (2006-September 2009)
Fitness trainer & front desk associate
Open and closed club and register, trained members on equipment, corrected form, manned the front desk, sold retail products, excellent customer service was essential for all members, maintained clean environment, serviced the sauna and spa side of the club as well, had to create conversation and interest while training and had excellent listening skills, there were six hundred members and I had to know and address each member personally by their name.
Certified Zumba instructor- Latin aerobic dance trainer.

Volunteer Community Services
Youth leader at Life Change Community Church
Work with junior and high school kids, meet with the kids, teach a lesson, games, etc.
Ventura County Jail
Counselor to inmates at the Ventura County Jail
Counseled inmates (men and women) groups up to 10 at a time.

References available upon request
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