Darryn K. Gates

Freelance Personal Assistant & Blog Writer

Location:San Francisco, California, United States
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Darin K. Gates
24878 Hilton Head Place.
Rancho San Diego, California 92019

Bachelor of Arts, The Ohio State University, English & Women’s Studies (3.6/4.0): June 2010
Graduate, Licking Heights High School (4.3/4.0): May 2006

Work Experience
Editorial Internship, Restaurant Agent Inc.; Kearny Mesa, California: June 2011-present
• Worked with partnered restaurants to create, write, and publish restaurant profiles and reviews for listings in San Diego, Los Angles, and Las Vegas
• Researched and wrote “Fresh Crumbs,” which are relative articles pertaining to current events occurring in cities that feature partnered restaurants or various noteworthy trends occurring on a local, regional, or national level
• Wrote reviews upon participating in a restaurant review, all which were chosen for publication
• Wrote numerous short reviews for restaurants and bars which are all showcased on their proper website profile
• Assisted the editorial department in tasks related to article topics
• Edited reviews submitted by freelance writers

Assistant Manager, COACH; Key West, Florida: October 2010-March 2011
• Assisted the management team in professional development of staff on a daily basis
• Delivered “coaching moments” to each associate daily in order to give constructive and positive feedback on behaviors related to the business environment
• Led a portion of Coach’s “Holiday Insight” launch meeting which specifically touched on Coach’s “7 Service Agreements” and selling behaviors during high season
• Worked in a very unique environment that is heavily influenced by high traffic due to tourism and high season
• Successfully ensured that our store let its LY, Teamshare, and Conversion goals on a monthly basis to reach the highest bonus payout level for each manager and associate
• Collaborated with the visual manager weekly for floor-set updates
• Collaborated with entire management team to ensure that product placement was cohesive and showed itself as a collection to the customer
• Built personal clientele and customer relationships through Coach’s “ClienTrack,” which enables communication with customers who prefer to be updated on certain collections and new releases available for purchases in stores

Assistant Manager, Express; Columbus, Ohio & Key West, Florida: July 2007-October 2010
• Assisted the store manager in implementing new floor designs for various seasonal floor sets
• Assisted the store manager in training new hires by facilitating the Express Fashion training module
• Served as a successful role model to the entire Express Fashion team
• Performed effective customer service by excelling in sales
• Rewarded for being an exceptional customer sales leader and visual floor sets by district and regional manager
• Helped the store in increasing their visual standards to help create a more satisfactory shopping experience

Resident Advisor, Student Life at Ohio State University; Columbus, Ohio: September 2008-June 2009
• Planned social and educational programs for 466 students, aimed at increasing awareness for issues such as education, alcohol and other drugs, and diversity
• Promoted on-campus events through effective programs four times per academic quarter
• Did extensive community building activities in order to challenge students socially
• Planned various alcohol-alternative programs for students by encouraging students to engage in substance-free college related activities
• Invited faculty members into the residence hall to promote healthy educational development by staff-student interaction

Additional Co-Curricular Experience
• Kirwin Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity, Ohio State University: Columbus, Ohio, Assistant Editor & Research Analyst: March-June 2009
• Department of Education at Ohio State University, Children’s Story Writer: Columbus, OH, September 2007-May 2008

Honors and Rewards
• Office of Minority Affairs Prestige Scholarship, Ohio State University, September 2006-June 2010 Referrals
• Ohio State University Dean List

Personal References
• Dr. Georgina Dodge, Academic Mentor, Assistant Vice Provost, Ohio State University, 614.404.0617; Georgina Dodge georgina-dodge@uiowa.edu
• Timothy Jensen, Professor of English & Rhetorical Theory, Ohio State University, 419.356.4961: jensen.25@osu.edu
• Maresa Sanchez, Manager, Harley Davidson Retail Store, Key West, Florida, 305.393.3912; pinkviolet2005@comcast.net
• Anthony Biasetti, Store Manager, COACH, Key West, Florida, 305.766.6917; antonybiasetti@gmail.com
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