Voytek Glinkowski

Freelance Book Illustrator & Landscape Painter

Location:Wheeling, Illinois, United States
2 Skills
I received Paintings and Lithography Masters Degree in Fine Arts from Strzeminski Fine Art Academy.

I have spent almost thirty years traveling into the secret world of visual communication. It isn’t always a pleasant adventure but, I consider myself very lucky. I do what I love.

I have done over thirty individual and group shows in the US and in Europe: Srticoff Fine Art Gallery in New York, Discovery Galleries in Bethesda, Atlas Galleries in Chicago, Vail Fine Art Gallery in Vail, Signature Gallery of Chicago, Triada Gallery in Gdansk, Newbourgh Avenue Gallery in Boston Fingerhut Galleries of California and Breckenridge Fine Art Gallery.

Since this life is the only one given to us, I love to see as many sides of it, as my body and mind can handle… racing bicycle, skiing and sailing… to list a few…

Years ago, I had my adventure with theater and stage production, as well as with motion picture, where I designed the sets…

The Light is my art’s motto.

It hits many obstacles on the way from its’ source to infinity.

The adventure with The Light is like a story without an end. The nature of it challenges me.

I am not looking for cheap effects; I just follow The Great Wizard who awakens senses.