Kristal Whyte

Freelance Event Photographer & Advertising Videographer

Location:Kent, Washington, United States
2 Skills
About Me
Kristal Whyte is photographer, videographer, and content producer at WEALTHMEUNLIMITED.COM.
She also conducts interviews with influential members of society.

•All materials are quality produced
•Videos are uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo
•Buy marketing and advertising on WEALTHMEUNLIMITED.COM
•Showcase the best talent and gigs on clips for audiences to watch
•Build fanfare with the best spotlight

I am:
Photographer, Videographer, and Content Producer (Writer, Editor, and Researcher)
How long have you been performing?
Ms. Whyte has 5+ years, well spent, in the entertainment and film industry. Visit our website to watch videos. In addition she as well has 3+ years producing editorials.

How much do you charge?
$25 per hour, with a retainer fee of $75 in the Seattle area for photography and videography services. For such gigs outside of the Seattle, WA area please consult with us to get a quote.

Purchase editorials and blogging services, price is at $25 per hour, with a $50 retainer fee. Editorials and blogging service includes basic research and editing.