Melvin Amaya

Freelance Graphic Designer & Magazine Designer

Location:Washington, United States
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I'm a thinker, laterally speaking; and an utterly resourceful one. I'm also an artist, an open-minded extrovert, a multicultural radical, a dork, a geek, somewhat of a tree-hugger, a global nomad and an adoptive Washingtonian. Whatever that means! A transplant from the small Latin American republic of El Salvador, I have spent most of my 27 years of life living, studying and working in the District of Columbia. DC is now my home base and where I've learned to embrace the rich diversity in our people, our politics and our design aesthetic while maintaining strong family values and cultural ties to my homeland.

I received my BFA in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Washington in 2007. Prior to doing so, I coursed through studies in international business administration at the Kogod School of Business at American University where I learned important lessons in business management and marketing. Through the years, I've acquired extensive and invaluable knowledge on artistic direction, design software and principles, and brand management. I am also fluent in Spanish and possess intermediate working knowledge of French and Brazilian Portuguese.

My design aesthetic takes influence and inspiration from the world around me and especially, contrasting elements — nature and urbanity, the grotesque and the beautiful, chaos and simplicity. On a personal design level, I love the abstract and minimal; and abhor visual pollution. At a professional level, I apply my critical-thinking knowledge and design principles to any project I take on in order to make it effective, cohesive, and eye-catching while following given design and demographic parameters. I've been blessed enough to have formed part of many great design teams for local and national groups including the United States Postal Service, the Center for Educational Design and Communication, American University's LASO and Multicultural Affairs groups, to name a few, where I have developed not only on a professional level but on a personal one as well.

Aside from my admiration and passion for all things art and design, I am an avid electronic music enthusiast, modern architecture follower, and commercial aviation lover. I'm also a Science, History, and Discovery channel junkie, and thoroughly enjoy reading fiction and the business and travel sections in news sources. A curious man by nature, I love meeting new people and learning about their hobbies, likes and dislikes, culture and background. I strive to be the best learner and educator I can be. I admire and love to collaborate with other who can bring a different insight and approach to solving a problem, whether it is design related or anything pertaining to life in general. I am constantly striving for perfection and setting goals in which I can feel challenged at all times.
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