Jennifer MG

Freelance Book Illustrator, Poem Writer, & More

Location:Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
10 Skills
I am an artist/illustrator and freelance writer and editor. My specialty writing skills are in ******* and comedy in fiction and non fiction.Biography and ghost writing and editing I am most proficient.
Greeting card writing and poetry come very naturally to me and I am very fast in my mind can I create one based feelings.
I have traveled extensively all around the USA and Europe.In fact I may only be at home 2 to 5 days a month. I am very cost conscious and know how to do it on a dime. All of my friends call me their personal travel agent and consult with me before they go anywhere. I have been in all but 7 states in the USA and love going to the National parks as well as every large city. I can write about itineraries whether that be in NYC or Yosemite Park.I know the best places to go and where to eat and what to see. I have been to France and Italy countless times. I have been to the top of Mont Blanc and been to Lapland to see the Northern Lights. I have also been to Finland, Spain, Rome, Greece and Canada. I love B and B's and know what attractions to see whether that be dog sledding in to the Arctic Circle or if you choose to have a tour of the Vatican. I only stay in the best areas but know how to get the best price for what you are looking for. Currently I am in the Rockies and in the process of planning a trip to a new continent; Australia for Christmas. My goal in life and what inspires me to write is to go to every continent and travel and see the world.
Recently I just finished my first 90k word memoir that I am currently pitching. It is a gritty, honest, comedic and tragic memoir that is very inspirational. It can help people know that if I can overcome the odds in my life and never give up, they can too.
I attended The Art Institute of Dallas where I majored in Visual Communications. My medium is acrylic and I can draw absolutely anything if given the idea and vision or replicating anything that I see.
I have two years experience with voice overs as I have a very sultry distinguished voice. I worked in radio with WKDD in Akron, Ohio where I did voice overs and ad sales in 1996-1997.